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Roche Harbor plays host to almost 50 Rivieras as Rendezvous reaches new heights

Edition 6 - 2019

Roche Harbor plays host to almost 50 Rivieras as Rendezvous reaches new heights

Rob Scott, Riviera’s West Coast (US) Sales Manager, can remember the days when the team from Emerald Pacific Yachts would celebrate if 10 boats attended its annual Riviera Rendezvous at the San Juan Islands in the Pacific North West.

Times have certainly changed.

“This was the biggest we’ve ever had,” Rob said of this year’s event that saw 48 yachts and 165 members of ‘The Riviera Family’ come together for three days of boating, socialising and laughter amid the spectacular setting of the renowned Roche Harbor.

“Having previously been Dealer Principal at Emerald Pacific Yachts, I’ve been attending the Riviera Rendezvous for 22 years and can remember when we would get 10 yachts there and now we’re close to 50. It’s just got bigger and bigger and this year was a dandy.

“The whole team takes great pride in bringing our owners together. We have other smaller events throughout the year but the Rendezvous is our big one and we do everything we can to ensure they have the most amazing time possible.”

Hosted by dedicated Riviera and Belize dealers Emerald Pacific Yachts and Van Isle Marina, the event helps owners build confidence and skills on the water, create memories that last a lifetime and forge friendships with fellow Riviera enthusiasts.

This year’s celebration of the Riviera boating life did not disappoint, with an assortment of on-water seminars, gourmet dining and nonstop celebrations bringing a smile to countless faces.

There were also some of the best fancy dress costumes you’ll ever see.

“We spend almost six months making our own costumes for the Rendezvous,” said Riviera owner Nelson Goodsell, who transformed into the Tin Man as part of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ troupe that claimed first prize in the ‘Silver Screen’ Fancy Dress Competition.

“You can always go to the store and buy a costume but when you’ve got a passion for making a fool of yourself in front of your friends, it’s worth going to the extra effort.”

Seattle-based Nelson and wife Kathy were attending their eighth Rendezvous aboard their third Riviera – Fishtale, the 40 Open Flybridge they bought earlier this year.

And like previous years, they found the perfect blend of education and celebration.

“It’s non-stop fun but also a great resource as you get to visit and talk about each other’s boats,” Nelson said. “There are a lot of people there who know about specific aspects of boating and it’s great to share ideas.

“I love fishing and wanted advice about new outriggers and I got all the information I needed at the Rendezvous. The crew at Riviera is just fantastic and treat you like you’re part of the family. As my wife says ‘We’re always going to be a Riviera family’.”

Another long-time Riviera family is Mark and Isabella Doxon, who made the trip from Des Moines, south of Seattle, to attend the event aboard Bella, their Riviera 53 Enclosed Flybridge.

It was also the final Rendezvous for Bella as the couple’s next journey north will be aboard the ground-breaking Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht they are looking forward to taking ownership of mid-next year.

“We bought the first of our four Rivieras 15 years ago and have been attending the Rendezvous from the beginning,” Mark said.

“We always kick off our summer there and get really excited catching up with all of our Riviera friends. They’re a great group of people and we get to share great food, great drink and great times. You look forward to the fishing, the shrimping, just hanging out together.

“Emerald Pacific Yachts, Van Isle Marina and Riviera do a wonderful job of hosting a weekend of activities that bring a sense of family to everyone.”

As for the stunning location, Mark is one of its biggest fans.

“My parents first took me to Roche Harbor when I was 12 and it’s become the spot to moor your boat in the North West,” he said.

“I’ve had the same mooring now for 12 years and there is long wait list for permanent moorage. Boats come to Roche Harbor from all over the United States to enjoy the rich history.”

Just as so many Riviera owners gather there each year to enjoy the rich history of the Riviera Rendezvous.

In the words of Nelson Goodsell said: “You don’t only get to enjoy a good party but you get to make great friends with people who share the same passions – super high quality boats and being on the salt water.”

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