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Development progresses on 64 Sports Motor Yacht following input from Riviera’s experienced owners – World Premiere May 2020

Edition 5 - 2019

Development progresses on 64 Sports Motor Yacht following input from Riviera’s experienced owners – World Premiere May 2020


A full-scale mock-up has been built and some of Riviera’s most experienced boat owners have undertaken extensive reviews and their feedback has been welcomed and considered.

Now Riviera’s product development team is working tirelessly to make the all-new 64 Sports Motor Yacht a reality.

To be launched at the 2020 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the 64 has already received multiple orders as boating enthusiasts eagerly await the latest addition to our growing collection of sports motor yachts.

Inside a massive building at the company’s Gold Coast headquarters, Riviera Product Development Manager David Higgins and his team of 40 expert craftsmen are busy developing the plugs that will be used to create the moulds from which the 64 will emerge.

David recently took time out of his busy schedule to discuss their progress, proudly highlighting the attention to detail that has gone into creating the sizeable plugs for the cockpit and mezzanine.

The hull has already been moulded and major deck plugs are now being created, with the team to soon turn their focus to finer componentry such as hatches.

“You can see the level of care and detail that we put into creating the plugs and that’s because our aim whenever we design, develop and build a boat is to achieve the level of excellence that Riviera is known for around the world,” David explained.

“This development period is when our craftsmen really shine. People will ultimately step aboard our 64 Sports Motor Yacht and say how finely detailed they are, and that’s because of the lengths we are going to right now.”

The plug-making process, which will take about six weeks, follows a select group of Riviera owners being invited to inspect the mock-up and share their feedback with our design and development teams.

“We had over 30 couples visit the factory during the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and they were all experienced owners,” David said.

“While we are experts at building boats, they are the ones who have spent thousands of hours on the water. Many of them are on to their third or fourth Riviera so they know what features they liked in previous models, what they would change in their next boat and ultimately what makes a great boat.

“The walk-through was a chance for them to physically feel and experience all of the boats proportions and layout and provide their view and input on this latest design.

“There were a few features where we thought ‘That’s a really valid point’. For example we changed aspects of the galley as the ladies commented on the positioning and heights of cupboards. We took that feedback on board and we then invited some of them back to view our refinements and they said ‘Perfect’.”

David said building a full-scale mock-up was a huge undertaking and investment that many boat builders would never consider – but not Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.

“It’s all about understanding the scale of the boat,” he said. “Rodney is committed to seeing and feeling the boat at all stages of its development so he knows exactly how it will work.

“We don’t believe in just reviewing a new model on a computer screen and hoping the design works. You might be able to get 90 per cent right doing it that way but the final 10 percent that really makes a difference to the final boat comes from going the extra mile – and that’s the Riviera difference.

“We never accept second best.”

The Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht will feature the choice of three or four staterooms, covered mezzanine dining and aft gourmet galley, internal staircase, a pantograph door leading to generous walk-around sidedecks, and a foredeck that cradles a 3.6m tender before transforming into a spacious entertainment zone.

For more, visit www.rivieraaustralia.com/models/64-sports-motor-yacht


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