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Belize 66 Daybridge nearing completion ahead of World Premiere at Fort Lauderdale

Edition 5 - 2019

Belize 66 Daybridge nearing completion ahead of World Premiere at Fort Lauderdale


Belize’s expert team of boatbuilders are inching ever closer to sharing their latest creation with the world, with the all-new 66 Daybridge nearing completion ahead of its world premiere at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (Oct 30-Nov 3).

Time lapse footage has captured the incredible scene as the Belize 66 Daybridge underwent her initial water checks and system tests.  

Since we last caught up with Belize motoryacht specialist Doug Nelson, the 66 Daybridge has also undergone successful in-water testing before returning to the factory for further fit-out ahead of her full sea trial. The hardtop has now been installed and the hull has been painted a striking Rolls Royce Portafino Metallic Blue.

“It’s a very high-end paint and looks simply amazing,” he said.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to the 66 Sedan so we’re all looking forward to the reception the Daybridge and her four-cabin arrangement are going to receive when she is revealed to Belize enthusiasts in Fort Lauderdale.”

With this prestige model following last year’s launch of the 66 Sedan, Doug tells us even he was stunned during the build when he saw the amount of deck space created by the transformation into a Daybridge.

“We knew it would be large but the volume is incredible for a 66ft vessel,” he said.

“The Daybridge offers an immense amount of deck space up top and we’ve also made changes to create an extremely large dining area in the main deck saloon. For the size of the vessel, it would be one of the largest dining areas available.

“Befitting Belize’s reputation for craftsmanship, much of the interior fit-out is also handmade and built in situ inside the boat. That includes the final satin finish and coatings, and we’re now in the process of installing the upholstered finishes in and around the interior fit-out.

“Working in situ is not as fast as prefabrication but it ensures a high level of quality and flexibility to allow us to customise some areas for owners who have particular tastes or requirements.”

Doug said the 66 Daybridge would also be “a very complete package” with a huge range of fully fitted inclusions.

“As part of our vision to deliver a complete package, the 66 Daybridge will come with countless extras including cutlery, crockery, Italian glassware, stainless steel appliances, bedding, soft furnishings, towels and even robes,” he said.

“That extra level of care and detail is such a bonus for our owners as they not only avoid having to buy all those items but they don’t have to search for someone to fit many of them to ensure they are installed properly. With us, you can take delivery and you’re immediately ready to go cruising.”

“Everything is on track for an exciting world premiere at Fort Lauderdale, with the 66 Daybridge to be shipped to Savannah in the US before we will cruise her to our pre-show base in Florida to complete final preparations,” Doug said.

For more details please see rivieraaustralia.com/models/belize-66-daybridge.


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