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World record as 48 Rivieras raft up in Perth

Edition 9 - 2017

World record as 48 Rivieras raft up in Perth

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Western Australian Riviera and Belize owners heeded the call in huge and enthusiastic numbers to attempt a new Riviera world record in Perth on the first day of December.

Local Riviera and Belize Dealer R Marine Perth has hosted raft-ups for owners at Matilda Bay in the Swan River for the past 10 years.

The 2016 raft-up created a Riviera world record of 43 motor yachts rafted up.

“We were determined to beat that record this year,” said R Marine Perth Dealer Principal Michael Pitman.

“Tension was high in the morning as we prepared with our mother-ship and a team of tenders on the water ready to welcome our owners,” he said.

Tenders were busy helping Riviera and Belize owners join the raft-up.

By the time the raft-up was complete soon after midday, it was clear to everyone that they had created a new record in the world of Riviera – 48 Riviera and Belize motor yachts, all safely rafted up, ready for a fun-filled afternoon.

Garry and Kerry James arrived in the bay aboard their new Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht, Northern Escape.

“We took delivery in June so she is still very new to us,” explained Garry. “We were excited to participate. This was our first time at the mega raft-up.

“There were tenders everywhere to help us into position. It was a fantastic event. We met some lovely people and thoroughly enjoyed the socialising once the raft-up was complete.

“It was great to be a part of a new Riviera world record.”

A three-piece acoustic group entertained the record-breaking crew throughout the afternoon with songs from the pop repertoire from the 1960s to the ’90s.

Ken and Carolyn Hogan joined the raft-up aboard their Riviera 51 Open Flybridge, Eclipse.

“Well done to Riviera and Michael Pitman’s team,” said Ken.

“We brought a group of friends with us and we all really enjoyed the day. The entertainment was great. We went from boat to boat, meeting people and socialising throughout the afternoon.”

Michael Pitman was delighted with the response from West Australian owners.

“It was a great achievement and it seems everyone had a great time. This was certainly a very symbolic sign of the growing affection for the Riviera family in Western Australia.

“Now for a 50-plus record in 2018!”




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