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Volvo Group CEO praises Riviera innovation and quality

Edition 7 - 2018

Volvo Group CEO praises Riviera innovation and quality

COOMERA, QUEENSLAND – The President and CEO of Volvo Group, Martin Lundstedt, was recently in Australia to open a new facility and took the opportunity to visit Riviera.

Martin was deeply impressed by Riviera’s technology and efficiency during a recent tour of our facility at Coomera on Queensland’s Gold Coast

“The relationship between Volvo Penta and Riviera Australia is strategically important on a global basis,” said Mr Lundstedt. “Riviera has embraced our leading marine innovation, Volvo Penta IPS, across a wide range of its luxury yachts, offering customers the benefits of a fully integrated solution from the helm to the propeller.

“It was impressive to see the scale of production and efficiency at Riviera first hand. It is easy to tell that there is a lot of pride taken in the entire process – from design to production and delivery to customers.”

“I was also proud to see how Volvo Penta is an integrated part of the process, with Volvo Penta IPS delivering a strong contribution to the overall design and performance of Riviera yachts.”

Speaking about the future of the Volvo and Riviera partnership, Mr Lundstedt said: “Maintaining tight collaboration and also the innovative spirit of our two companies are two aspects that are important for future development.

“Riviera offers a number of technologically advanced onboard features for customers today which are aimed at providing a state-of-the-art boating experience.”

Mr Lundstedt said the Volvo Group is facing a technology shift.

“Volvo Penta is leading the way in our development of new technology for use at sea. Volvo Penta is able to leverage our existing innovations across the Volvo Group and adapt them for use in a marine context. For instance, Volvo Buses is a global leader in the area of electromobility. Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Trucks are both paving the way forward in the area of automation. Across our brands, we have over a million connected vehicles in operation today.

“The journey ahead that I see for Volvo Penta is to continue to deliver leading innovations for customers today, but also to be a driver of innovations for the future.”

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