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Unique Australia cruising experience for Costa Rican owners

Edition 2 - 2017

Unique Australia cruising experience for Costa Rican owners

Wandering the wonderful Whitsundays.

When Guillermo Alonso G. heard he could take delivery of his new Riviera 45 Open Flybridge in Australia, he immediately set about planning the cruising adventure of a lifetime.

The destination for this specially tailored trip was the calm cruising grounds of Queensland’s iconic Whitsundays, and Guillermo began making the necessary arrangements through Riviera dealer Eric Landon from Costa Rica Yacht Sales.

Experienced Riviera captain Jimmy Thorn was commissioned for the adventure, having hosted a number of owners from around the world to visit destinations including the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour.

Guillermo and his partner Monica Rodriguez Beer, along with guests Elmer Arias and Laura Rodriguez Beer, had spent a few days in Sydney prior to flying north for their own Whitsunday Experience.


They were met at Proserpine Airport by Capt. Jimmy and then transferred to their yacht at Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach.

“They had never experienced anything like this before,” said Capt. Jimmy.


“Over the next six days, we visited Butterfly Bay, Hook Reef, Hamilton Island and Stonehaven and the Riviera 45 Open (Triton) performed impeccably.

“Guillermo and his guests were amazed at the snorkeling, beach-walking, stand-up paddle-boarding and also the fishing.

“We picked up half a dozen or so spotted mackerel on our trip to The Oval (reef) and there were a few more that got bitten off by big sharks.

“We also reeled in a golden sweetlip at Hook Reef, which we ate for dinner.”

Guillermo rated Whitehaven Beach, snorkelling at Butterfly Bay and Hook Reef as amongst his top spots, as well as feeding the giant maori wrasse that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef and said he would “100 per cent” recommend the Australia Experience to fellow members of the international Riviera Family.

After her shake-down cruise, Triton returned to the Riviera facility on Queensland’s Gold Coast to be prepared for shipping to Costa Rica and delivery to Guillermo by Costa Rica Yacht Sales.



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