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Training session is much appreciated by Sydney owners

Edition 3 - 2017

Training session is much appreciated by Sydney owners


Helping our owners gain more confidence and better enjoy their boating in safety is a major passion for the entire Riviera team.

With that in mind, R Marine Sydney recently hosted 30 clients at a Tips And Tricks event on Sydney Harbour to help them better understand their motor yachts.

With sessions on maintenance, offshore boating and navigation electronics, the clients were split into three groups with half-hour sessions on each subject so everyone could take full advantage of the training on offer.


R Marine Sydney Dealer Principal Mike Joyce said the Tips and Tricks program was designed to enhance the yachting experience for Riviera and Belize owners.

“It also serves as a great opportunity for Riviera owners to meet and spend time with one another and for them to better get to know our team,” he said.

Service Manager Cameron McGoogan and engineer Matt Robinson talked about day-to-day maintenance to keep a motor yacht in top condition, including service schedules for the various components in a Riviera. They also explained how antifoul works and discussed the products used in the process.

Group two was teamed with Riviera skipper Mark Lawson on a Riviera 445 SUV to learn about long-distance offshore motor yachting. He discussed safety at sea, tools and spares to carry on the voyage, bilge and engine room procedures and handling the boat when under way.

This session proved a great hit with owners, many of whom are planning voyages to explore waterways up and down the New South Wales coast.

Training with the Garmin teamGroup three gathered on the deck of the R Marine Sydney office where Garmin representative Junior Moala demonstrated a range of products, discussed the use of navigation systems and showed how to plot a course. He also talked about some of the new technologies coming to the market and explained how to purchase and download various maps and the correct ways to use them to their full capacity.

After rotating through all three sessions, the “students” returned to the R Marine office for cupcakes and coffee and to spend time with one another.

Mike Joyce said: “Many of our owners commented on how valuable and interesting the morning was.

“We hope to repeat it again, so all R Marine Sydney clients – stay tuned.”



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