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The Riviera Family in Perth celebrate as 45 motor yachts raft-up on the Swan River

Edition 7 - 2019

The Riviera Family in Perth celebrate as 45 motor yachts raft-up on the Swan River

Riviera, Australia’s premier luxury motor yacht builder, has truly got into the spirit of Christmas with a series of Riviera raft-ups and exclusive events around Australia. Always one of the biggest events on the calendar was held under cloudless skies in Perth, Western Australia on November 29th.

View the Perth Christmas Raft up Video – 1:04 min duration

Hundreds of Riviera and Belize owners, their families and friends will raft-up around the country, enjoying festive cheer and relishing the unique camaraderie shared between Riviera owners.

At the Perth Christmas Raft Up, organised by R Marine Perth, experienced boaters, and those new to boating and the Riviera family alike rafted together and enjoyed a day in the sun, sharing in their love of the water and a love of Australia’s most popular luxury motor yachts. Organising 45 boats ranging from an M290 all the way up to 60-foot Flybridge motor yacht is no small feat with preparations starting around midday for an afternoon of memorable celebration. The boats were arranged around a central mother-ship, requiring precision close-quarters handling from each owner.

“It was fantastic to see so many of the western Australian Riviera family coming together and really getting into the Christmas spirit.  Our owners love to be a part of this highly-enjoyable annual event.

“The raft up days are an excellent opportunity for owners to get to know each other with everyone able to step from yacht to yacht, enjoying a chat and an ice-cold beverage. The Riviera Family certainly know how to celebrate and their passion for the yachts they love so much, is simply infectious.

“Next year we definitely will break through the 50-yacht number as we have many new owners joining the western Australian Riviera family in 2020 and then we can celebrate Riviera’s 40th anniversary with the the largest Riviera raft up ever” said Michael Pitman, Dealer Principal of R Marine Perth.

“These exclusive invitation events were a superb example of the strong friendship and bond among Riviera owners across Australia and around the world. It’s what our owners so affectionately call the ‘Riviera Family’ and we are honoured to be a part of this amazing group who just love boating so very much,” said Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.

Owners Neil and Sue Thoars of Ta-Keel-La, a 43 Flybridge had a wonderful day on the water

“We have just attended our second R Marine Perth Riviera Christmas Raft Up, and once again it has exceeded expectations! To be able to catch up with and meet like-minded boaters on the raft up was great fun, the band was fantastic. The day could not have gone any better.  A big thank you to Michael, Gary and the whole R Marine Perth Team for all their hard work to put this together, and we all look forward to next year.”

Hamish and Ngaire Beck, owners of a Riviera 58 Flybridge shared their sentiments.

“This is our third Riviera Raft Up and each year the spectacle gets better and better. We take guests along for the day and they say this raft up and the other unique owner events really sets Riviera apart .”

The boats were arranged around a mother-ship that became the stage and entertainment hub for the day, headlined by a local live band with their upbeat music creating a wonderful atmosphere. Most owners were dancing the afternoon away and when the end of the official event came at 6pm, most moved away from the raft up and anchored together to continue to enjoy the magical surrounds of the Swan River.

“The whole day was just brilliant. Creating our own community on the water for around six hours, and just enjoying the way everyone so easily mingles and socialises with each other makes it a day to truly remember” Michael Pitman concluded.

Riviera is Australia’s most-awarded builder of luxury motor yachts. In 2020, Riviera will celebrate its 40th anniversary and the launching of more than 5,600 motor yachts that are regarded and celebrated as one of the finest motor yachts in the world . Riviera is renowned for their superior owner support, with the annual Perth Family Raft Up, just one of over 100 exclusive events held annually around the world.


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