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Super soakers and Santa thrill children at R Marine South Australia Christmas party

Edition 9 - 2017

Super soakers and Santa thrill children at R Marine South Australia Christmas party

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Santa made a special trip to Marina Adelaide at Largs North in South Australia to meet an excited group of Riv kids during the R Marine South Australia Christmas party at the end of November.

“We decided to invite the Big Fella in the Red Suit to this special celebration as it is the first time we have organised an event to embrace all the children as well as parents and grandparents,” said R Marine South Australia Dealer Principal Paul Harrop.

The party attracted 30 Riviera owners and their families and friends with a special emphasis on the young.

“We want to encourage the next generations to love the water and boating lifestyle as much as we do,” explained Paul.

The afternoon began with a jumping castle and ice cream van on the marina hard stand.

Santa arrived mid-afternoon after making a lap on board a festively decorated RIB while Christmas carols echoed across the water to the excitement of all the children.

Once Santa was docked and settled aboard a Riviera, each child stepped aboard to receive a gift. A frenzy of ripping paper revealed super soakers!

The children began by squirting one another and any bystander in the way as they ran up and down the marina.

“Then they ganged up on Paul Harrop and absolutely soaked him,” said Bill Farmer.

Bill and wife Karen brought two grand-children to the event aboard their Riviera 445 SUV, Mutiny.

“The children had a wonderful time,” he said. “The super soakers were a great hit. The team at R Marine South Australia always create great events but this time they have outdone themselves.”

Helen and Richard Channon were impressed by the attention to detail.

“They knew every child’s name. Each gift was personally addressed – even though they all contained water pistols,” said Helen.

The adults watched the entertainment of the children’s antics as they relaxed in the sunshine, sharing great company with drinks and food platters.

Late in the afternoon the children and ‘big kids’ were entertained by a magician who moved from boat to boat performing tricks before a special show for the children.

Then it was time for the parents, grandparents and friends to take over the celebrations as a live band struck up music as the sun began to set.

Greg and Marissa Cunningham agreed that the spit roasts were a highlight of the event.

“They had pork and lamb on the spit cooking through the afternoon and began carving in the early evening,” said Greg.

“We brought friends aboard our Riviera 45 Flybridge, Isobar, with us and we were particularly touched that the R Marine team made them so welcome along with all the owners. It was a generous gesture.”

Helen and Richard Channon agreed that the food was special.

“Paul and his team always turn on fantastic food,” said Helen. “This was no exception.”

Meals completed, the music took over and the party moved to dancing on the marina.

“It was not a late night. We were all a little tired after the wonderful activities throughout the day,” said Helen.

Photos by Carol Lange and Social Revenue.



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