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Heroes and Villains come to Roche Harbor Experience event in US Pacific Northwest

Edition 6 - 2017

Heroes and Villains come to Roche Harbor Experience event in US Pacific Northwest

ROCHE HARBOR, WASHINGTON – More than 150 enthusiastic Riviera and Belize owners and their families and friends dressed up for the “Heroes and Villains” themed Riviera San Juan Islands Experience at picturesque Roche Harbor near Seattle in the north-western United States.

Hosted by long-term Riviera dealers Emerald Pacific Yachts and Van Isle Marina, the weekend of events began on Friday with a round of golf followed by a cocktail reception, pot-luck dinner and campfire with live entertainment at the resort’s Shipwreck Beach.


But the main event was the Heroes and Villains party held on the marina dock commencing on Saturday afternoon.

Nelson and Kathy Goodsell have won the costume competition for the past three years and this was no exception.

“We spend months planning and then creating our costumes,” explained Nelson. “This year Kathy went as Mudzilla, with a long tail and a gelatin substance over the costume. I went as the Empress of the Sea, having captured Mudzilla.”


For Brian and Katie McGuire, this was their second Roche Harbor event.

“We were blown away by the quality of the costumes,” said Brian. “I knew I was in trouble when I saw dogs better dressed up than I was as Popeye.”

roche-3Nelson and Kathy and Brian and Katie agreed that the main attraction of the Roche Harbor Experience is the camaraderie among Riviera owners.

“It is like a big, happy family,” said Nelson. “We have new people join our growing family every year and we all take care to introduce them around and make them feel welcome – just as others did when we first came to the event.

“Rivieras are the Rolls Royce of motor yachts and the teams behind them are totally committed to ensuring we have a great time at these events – and throughout the year,” said Nelson.

Please view the video below to enjoy all the fun and excitement.




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