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Riviera’s sensational new 395 SUV motor yacht takes shape

Edition 8 - 2017

Riviera’s sensational new 395 SUV motor yacht takes shape

COOMERA, QUEENSLAND – The sleek lines and surprisingly large volume of Riviera’s sporty and adventurous new 395 SUV are being revealed as the new motor yacht is developed at the company’s yard in Coomera, south-east Queensland.

The 395 SUV will have its World Premiere at the 2018 Festival of Boating beginning on Thursday, May 24.

Work is well advanced in in the new model development centre at Riviera’s yard on developing the plugs that will be utilised to create the moulds from which this SUV will emerge.

Hull, deck and hardtop plugs are being faired as work progresses on the plugs of many small parts.

Top: The foredeck plug with stateroom hatch in position and large sunpad space behind it.
Above: The “witness marks” indicating drill holes for foredeck cleats can be clearly seen.

The meticulous eye for detail is evident on the foredeck plug of this motor yacht as “witness marks” – small indentations – can be seen. These mark precisely the position of drill holes to secure cleats, the anchor chain security strap and the anchor windlass. These marks are designed to prevent any variation and to ensure that every Riviera 395 SUV will launch with cleats in exactly the correct position without the need for painstaking measuring on each motor yacht.

The locker and barbecue unit plug across the transom is in place and the fold-down seating on port and starboard coamings has begun.

Left: Large boarding platform with the barbecue and locker plugs across the transom. Right: The barbecue unit plug in position across the transom.

Plugs for the inward-opening transom gate, the cockpit icemaker cabinet and the port side cool box and seat are in place.

The ice maker unit plug.

Pockets have been built into the cockpit gunwales for pop-up cleats to secure fenders while indentations in the aft quarter gunwales have been completed to accept the banana cleats for dock lines.

Top: Transom gate plug.
Above: The cockpit coaming seating plug open.

The fish bin lid plug has been built and positioned in the cockpit deck.

The fish bin hatch in the cockpit deck.

In the saloon, mock-ups for the L-shape galley and the port dinette have been built, positioned and then removed so that plug-work can continue in this space. The mock-ups are used to exactly measure the timberwork that will be required to build these two features.

Top: Mock-up of the dinette lounge and table.
Above: Mock-up of the L-shape galley cabinetry.

On the accommodation deck, mock-ups are being built for the master stateroom double bed and lockers. Equally, plugs and timberwork mock-ups for the midships guest cabin are under construction.

The plug for the large bathroom is complete and is being faired.

We will continue to follow the progress of the build on this exciting new motor yacht through each stage as she moves toward her world premiere on May 24, 2018.



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