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Riviera welcomes the Class of 2017

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Riviera welcomes the Class of 2017


Riviera has a long history of fostering talent in marine trades in Australia and the achievements of our past apprentices truly are testament to our commitment to the future of our industry.

This year we are very proud to welcome 29 new fulltime apprentices to our factory team – impressive young men and women whose extraordinary ambition and attitude will be honed in a positive, accountable and can-do environment.

We look forward to helping them in the boat-building, electrical, engineering, upholstery, lamination and cabinet-making trades. However, our quality training programs dig deeper than just the essential trade skills – we also provide our apprentices with time-honoured tools to also be successful in their professional and personal development.

The Class of 2017 – 12 school-based apprentices and 17 fulltime apprentices – recently attended their factory inductions and orientation, learning more about their obligations across the important areas of site and fire safety, basic emergency procedures and tool operation, hazard identification and the highly regarded Riviera Values.

Riviera, now with 74 apprentices at various stages of learning their chosen crafts, is internationally recognised as a leader in developing marine professionals with high integrity and world-class skills.

Our apprenticeship program was resurrected upon the purchase of Riviera by Rodney Longhurst in 2012.



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