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Riviera TV brings Riviera’s 40 years of evolution into focus

Edition 6 - 2020, Riviera News

Riviera TV brings Riviera’s 40 years of evolution into focus

Riviera has brought 40 years of evolution into sharp focus on a single platform following the launch of Riviera TV.

Over the past 40 years, Riviera has launched more than 5600 motor yachts and each one has a story to tell of owners confidently cruising the great rivers, lakes, seas and oceans of the world.

Riviera TV presents just some of these stories by showcasing Riviera today. It shines a light on the continued refinement and evolution that is reflected in the style, finish and engineering advances to be found in the extraordinary 20-model-strong Riviera range of today – an exclusive selection of adventurers, entertainers and sports stars without peer.

It’s a celebration of timeless luxury with tomorrow’s technology.
Riviera TV offers an extensive gallery of videos across the Sports Motor Yacht, Flybridge, SUV, Sport Yacht and Belize collection from 39ft to 72ft, including reviews from independent experts.

Stay up to date on the progress of the latest models with videos presented by Riviera’s new model development team directly from our production facility.

Find out why life is always better on a Riviera as owners enjoy blue-water adventures across the world, from the Great Lakes of North America to magical sun-soaked destinations in the South Pacific.

Enjoy some of the classic social events that draw the Riviera Family together from all corners to enjoy raft-ups, boat shows and rendezvous.

There’s even a place for enthusiasts of classic Rivieras as Riviera TV covers everything that makes owning a Riviera so special in a rich collection that offers hours of entertainment, education and inspiration.

“Riviera TV showcases the real meaning of what it is to be a part of the Riviera Family,” said Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.

“It’s is a valuable and growing resource that gives new and existing owners access to a rich collection of videos on our collection of luxury motor yachts.

“As restrictions to boating lift and our owners once again get back out on the water, Riviera TV is also designed to inspire owners to make the most of their Riviera.

“We have captured some truly memorable boating adventures and wonderful social events that we have enjoyed together. These are at the heart of our mission at Riviera.”

Riviera is regularly sharing new videos on its Riviera TV channel, sourced through its video production team, its global owners and dealer representative network.



Riviera Australia encourages all owners and skippers to observe their local authority guidelines regarding boating and boating restrictions at these times.