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The 500 strong Riviera team celebrates in style

Edition 9 - 2016, Riviera Christmas Edition

The 500 strong Riviera team celebrates in style

The Riviera team gathers in the Aftermarket facility for a celebration of excellence throughout 2016.

Riviera’s talented 500-strong team here on Australia’s Gold Coast gathered en masse recently to celebrate a year of outstanding effort and excellence.

The annual Riviera Team Christmas Lunch was a fun-filled afternoon of fantastic food, cool refreshments and camaraderie, with hundreds of great prizes.

Some of the fun and team bonding at the Riviera Team Christmas Lunch.

Riviera chairman and owner Rodney Longhurst said he was incredibly proud of the commitment from every member of the team.

“It really is humbling to be able to work with so many talented people,” he said.

“Riviera is recognised internationally as being amongst the best luxury motor yacht builders in the world and that’s a credit to you and your passion for Riviera.

“On behalf of the global Riviera Family of owners, thank you.”



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