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Riviera “Ride-A-Wake Day” rewards outstanding apprentices

Riviera "Ride-A-Wake" rewards our outstanding apprentices
Edition 3 - 2019

Riviera “Ride-A-Wake Day” rewards outstanding apprentices

Riviera "Ride-A-Wake" rewards our outstanding apprentices


COOMERA, QUEENSLAND – While Riviera takes the training of our apprentices very seriously, including our special Propel life values program, we celebrate success and achievement too.

Seven of our outstanding apprentices who have excelled both in their work and in Propel, were rewarded with an exciting “Ride-A-Wake Day” recently.

Riviera Dealer Development and Sales Manager – Australia – David Thorpe rolled out his own wake-boarding boat on a reach of the Coomera River near our 14-hectare facility for a day of thrills and spills.

“It was a fantastic day,” said third-year electrical apprentice Kyle Shadwell. “I had never tried wake-boarding but I was determined to give it a go. I was not great at first. However, David Thorpe provided a few tips and I was soon on my feet. It felt awesome.”

Fourth-year boat building apprentice Emma King spent much of her time on board the speed boat cheering the boys as they fell and returned to try again.

“We had a great team-building day,” she said. “Everyone supported one another in our efforts. All the boys mastered the art during the day and a couple of them even went on to try their hand at wake surfing.”

Second-year boat building apprentice Bailey Harding was also new to the sport.

“I got on my feet after a couple of false starts,” he said. “We had a fabulous day and it was a great feeling to be rewarded by Riviera in this way. We all want to excel in our work and it is extraordinary that Riviera recognises and rewards our efforts.

“I have a great respect for the entire Propel training team. Our company owner Rodney Longhurst takes time every week to talk with a group of the Propel students. I really respect that commitment by him.”

The day ended with a barbecue in a nearby park.

“What a fun way to end a great day,” said Emma. “We had sausages, skewers and salad for lunch.”

Riviera Training Manager Adam Houlahan said: ” Determination was high and there was no quitting in the attempts to ride and ride well!”

All the participants received apparel including shirts, hats and socks. A Globe skateboard was to be the top prize for the day.

“Due to the outstanding efforts of all crew, we could not separate their efforts,” said Adam.  “So we threw their names in a hat to pick the winner. Rhys Weston took the prize home.

“Massive congratulations to our apprentice team who showed their skills and ability, and showed us that, no matter the challenge, they are up for it!

“Selection to the event was based on the apprentices’ performance in Propel, Riviera’s life coaching and excellence program. Our apprentice participants are scored each week on their engagement, contribution, commitment and participation. We will provide these reward days three times a year.”

Rodney Longhurst said: “I and the management team support our Propel Program 110 percent. In Propel we are giving our apprentices the tools and knowledge to be the best people they can be.”

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