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Riviera owners learn from experts at the 2019 Festival of Boating

Riviera owners learn from the experts
Edition 3 - 2019

Riviera owners learn from experts at the 2019 Festival of Boating

Riviera owners learn from the experts


More than 30 individual hands-on seminars and workshops were staged over the three days of the Festival of Boating, held in conjunction with the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

You can view our highlights film of the 2019 Festival of Boating below

Some of the seminars were staged at the InterContinental Hotel at Sanctuary Cove, but many were held at the Riviera Motor Yacht Club on the marina, a 45-metre superyacht, which all of the boat-handling skills sessions also departed from.

Riviera owners relished the opportunity to pick up some expert tips and brush-up on practical skills.

The ever-popular “Living the Riviera Dream” seminar was presented this year by David and Lis Paton, who shared the lessons learned from three seasons cruising Tasmania in their Riviera 53 Enclosed Flybridge, Pascua Luma.

The Galley-wise cooking and provisioning seminar by renowned television cook Sally Jenyns was another must for owners and foodies. Sally showed how to bake bread, cook whole fish and make warmed spiced olives, amongst other delicacies.

Other topics also included ask-the-expert panel, fishing clinic, offshore seamanship, radar, experiencing pod-drive propulsion and boat handling, plus skills sessions created specifically for ladies and children.

Riviera yacht owner Karen Haga was one of many ladies who attended one of the daily ladies’ skipper skills sessions focussing on start-up, helm station and berthing.

“Nigel normally does all the boat-ready tasks and I do the food, but we discussed how important it was I learn to do everything,” Karen said.

“That’s not just if I need to take over for some reason. A friend takes her boat out by herself with her girlfriends and I would love to know enough to be able to do the same.”

Karen particularly enjoyed the hands-on experience manoeuvring with a joystick.

“The inboard propulsion system is so easy to steer,” she said.

Riviera yacht owner Kevin Taylor was one of many owners who attended the preventative maintenance seminar.

“A couple of things I took away from that,” Kevin said.

“Don’t use a pressure cleaner on your front deck because it can damage the gelcoat. Use a light bristle brush and a wax detergent.

“And keep an eye on your earthing wires. If they come lose or are corroded, it can affect the sacrificial anodes.”

Riviera company owner Rodney Longhurst was delighted at the response to workshops and seminars.

“Just as our owners have the best motor yachts on the water, our education program provides them with the best chance to expand their boating knowledge and skills,” he said.

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