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Riviera exports seven multi-million dollar luxury motor yachts in one shipment to the United States

Edition 7 - 2018

Riviera exports seven multi-million dollar luxury motor yachts in one shipment to the United States

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND – A ship bound for the United States is carrying more than $14 million of luxury Riviera motor yachts – our largest overseas shipment in over 10 years.

The seven motor yachts range from the newly released sporty and adventurous 395 SUV model through to the new long-range and luxurious 72 Sports Motor Yacht valued at $4.5 million. Both models will have their Americas Premieres at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida in October.

The company will also conduct the World Premiere of our much anticipated and traditionally-inspired Belize 66 flagship at Fort Lauderdale together with the Americas Premiere of the 39 Sports Motor Yacht which re-imagines motor yachting under 40-feet.

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst said that this shipment confirms the company’s stature as a premium quality motor yacht builder on the international stage with demand continuing to grow from all parts of the world.

“This is also a first for Riviera in more than a decade where such a significant international release of new models has been staged at the world’s largest boat show,” Mr Longhurst said.

“The shipment represents a milestone and triumph for our 630-strong team. This is something that Riviera has not achieved in well over 10 years.

“The high level of luxury, leading technology and refinement reflected in all of our 19 individual motor yacht models today is sought after by boating aficionados around the world. Riviera is highly regarded internationally, and our premium calibre resonates with discerning buyers of superior craftsmanship.

“Logistically, the exercise was a considerable undertaking for our team, with the loading a delicate operation, and the ship’s route has actually been diverted to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale to allow the timely arrival of five yachts for the boat show. The remaining two yachts are to be delivered directly to their enthusiastic new owners.”

The motor yachts travelled down the Brisbane River to the Port of Brisbane where they were loaded on the 210-metre AS Patronia container ship in an operation that took more than four hours to complete.

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