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Riviera celebrates awards and gives recognition to their apprentices for 2019

Edition 7 - 2019

Riviera celebrates awards and gives recognition to their apprentices for 2019

Riviera apprentice Bailey Sivyer receiving TAFE Apprentice of the Year winner award from Karen Dickenson – Gold Coast TAFE Queensland General Manager.

Riviera, Australia’s premier luxury motor yacht builder has experienced an outstanding year in 2019 and Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst attributes these significant achievements to his 600-strong team which includes 74 apprentices.

The training programs conducted by Riviera are highly regarded both at home and internationally for equipping its apprentices with both practical and life skills, arming them with the tools that they need to not only be master tradespeople but also to achieve personal excellence in their daily lives.

“We are continually refining the way that we train and develop our apprentices; and the input and strong guidance to our young people from our entire team on site is a key aspect of this. Every day, each of us are setting an example and providing guidance to our next generation of tradesperson who will become our master craftspeople of tomorrow.

“This year our apprentice program has continued to grow and has become one of the strongest career pathways in Australia,” Riviera Australia owner, Mr Longhurst stated.
Recently, Mr Longhurst held an end of year celebration with his team; an opportunity to thank them for all their hard work over the year and to recognise the contribution made by Riviera’s apprentice team.

Riviera has an excellent partnership with both TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and PARTEC (Plastic and Rubber Technical Education Centre), who combined, deliver the required training to Riviera’s team of apprentices. Working with approximately 40 schools from Casino to Kenmore, Riviera source their apprentices directly from high school. The following apprentices were celebrated for their excellence at TAFE and at AITC (Australian Industry Trade College) for south east Queensland;

• AITC Electrical School Based Apprentice of the Year nominee – Ben Powrie
• AITC Electrical School Based Apprentice of the Year winner – Jake Smith
• TAFE Apprentice of the Year nominees – Jayden Knight (Boatbuilder 3rd Year), Emma King (Boat Builder 4th year), and Joel Neucom (Timber & Composite Machinist 2nd Year)
• TAFE Apprentice of the Year winner – Bailey Sivyer (Boat Builder 3rd Year)

A special mention also was made for Bailey Sivyer who has now won the TAFE Boatbuilding Apprentice of the year in every year since he started with Riviera Australia.

The Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) is an independent senior school for young people. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 undertake school-based apprenticeships or traineeships which include work placements and the opportunity to complete vocational educational studies. Jake finished at the top of the class.

“Over 90% of apprentices graduating from Riviera’s training program in the past four years have continued their careers with Riviera. This is an outstanding result when you consider that in 2019, Riviera trained over 70 apprentices alone. A significant number of tradesmen, supervisors, managers, and self-employed contractors have been with Riviera for twenty to thirty years; an indication of Riviera’s positive work culture,” said Riviera Safety and training Manager, Adam Houlahan.

“What makes Riviera’s training program superior in the Boating Industry is its commitment to its apprentice’s life and personal skills improvement. Apprentices are trained in life skills and personal excellence through their PROPEL Program. Over their four-year apprenticeship, the PROPEL Program covers all of life’s challenges from building confidence and developing great people skills, to financial maturity and achieving life goals. Sessions are attended by Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst, Riviera CEO Wes Moxey and additional managers and key staff members”.

This year, a further 10 apprentices have graduated through the PROPEL program:

• Fin Geroge
• Max Macinnes
• Dominic Perry
• Cameron Wilton
• Jayden Lee
• Tyla Maree-Donner
• Emma King
• Callum Whelan
• Jarad Devlin
• Rhys Weston

During the end of year celebration, Riviera Safety and training Manager, Adam Houlahan announced the most outstanding ‘Star Performer’ apprentices. These winners were recognised for their commitment and performance excellence during 2019.

• 1st year Electrical apprentice – Steven Kupfer
• 2nd year Engineering apprentice – Miguel Drescher-Paler
• 3rd year Composite Technician apprentice – Bryce Westerling
• 4th year Boat Building apprentice – Emma King

“In addition to generating real employment outcomes for Queensland, we are helping to develop great young Australians and some of the finest young marine tradesmen and woman in world,” said Adam Houlahan.

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