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Riviera apprentice graduates kickstart their career through innovative mentor program

Edition 1 - 2020, Riviera News

Riviera apprentice graduates kickstart their career through innovative mentor program

Riviera’s apprentice graduates and their mentors are taking the learning process to a new level through the innovative KICKSTART program.

Demonstrating Riviera’s commitment to fostering excellence, our latest trade graduates are participating in a new initiative aimed at enhancing their skills and career pathways.

Over the next six months, graduates who have completed their Riviera apprenticeships are teaming up with a management mentor as part of Study Gold Coast’s city-wide KICKSTART program.

The program is designed to further develop Riviera’s new post-apprenticeship tradies and fast track their professional, commercial and business skills.

According to Adam Houlahan, our Riviera Quality, Safety and Training Manager, the program paves the way for new tradespeople to continue learning throughout their career.

Learning on the job fast tracks the professional, commercial and business skills of Riviera’s apprentice graduates.

“It keeps them on a path where they continue to challenge themselves, to keep learning and developing skills,” Mr Houlahan says.

“Many see it as investment in themselves, and their future, while there’s also a sense of pride that they are taking on projects that add value to our business.”

Through the program, each participant will work closely with their management mentor to work on a predetermined project that aligns with their existing talents.

It provides a keen opportunity for graduates to engage with the highly skilled Riviera team across multiple levels, include vital interaction with key team leaders.

Understanding what it takes to become a great team member is an essential part of the Riviera success story.

The KICKSTART program gives our new apprentice graduates an insight into what a great team member looks like at Riviera and bolsters their learning opportunities across the manufacturing process.

It also enhances the culture of excellence that supports every Riviera boat we build.