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Riviera and Belize Owners Photo and Video Competition

Edition 3 - 2020, Photo and Colouring Competition

Riviera and Belize Owners Photo and Video Competition

Congratulations to Simon Irwin. This shot is a timely reminder of the joys and friendships shared through boating. Togetherness has its rewards as Riviera 39 Flybridge owner Simon Irwin discovered with this month’s winning image of a fun-filled raft-up with friends on the Myall Lakes in NSW during the Christmas holidays last year.

It was Simon’s first visit to the Lakes, with the raft-up inspired by a member of the group who has spent a lot of time cruising these waters over the past 30 years and who brought the grandchildren along for the Christmas getaway.

The winning shot was taken after lunch as the group began preparing for an afternoon of water activities.

“The photo was inspired by the good times the group was experiencing and I wanted to make sure I caught that moment to inspire us to further adventures on our Riv,” said Simon.

“It was our first time up the Myall Lakes – but not the last!”

Boat Name: Pacific Dream III
Boat Model: Riviera 39 Flybridge
Photo Headline: Xmas Rafting
Photo Taken: Myall Lakes, NSW
Photo Description: This was our raft-up for six days in the Myall Lakes.

Thanks also for these recent entries…

Name: Chris Gibson
Boat Name: Acquisition
Boat Model: Riviera 6000 Sports Yacht
Photo Headline: I’d Rather Be on My Riv.
Photo Taken: Port Stephens, NSW
Photo Description: Leaving Port Stephens early morning during the bush fires.

Name: Ben Byth
Boat Name: Amorosa
Boat Model: Riviera 3000 Offshore
Photo Headline: All to Myself
Photo Taken: Peel Island, Queensland
Photo Description: Chilling out at Peel Island on a Friday before the weekend warriors arrive!

Name: Ben Byth
Boat Name: Amorosa
Boat Model: Riviera 3000 Offshore
Photo Headline: All to Myself Again
Photo Taken: Tangalooma, Queensland
Photo Description: One of those rare occasions when we get almost all of Tangalooma to ourselves. The kids loved it and our four-year-old got to swim with Dory on the wrecks!

Name: Giuseppe Fusilli
Boat Name: Bonaria Blu
Boat Model: Riviera 4000 Offshore
Photo Headline: Sleeping
Photo Taken: Alghero, Sardinia, Italy
Photo Description: Anchored in a quiet spot off the beautiful Sardinian coastline.

Name: Connie and Tony Borgia
Boat Name: Aqua Bella
Boat Model: Belize 52 Daybridge
Photo Headline: Grover The Sea Dog, He can’t Beleive he owns a Belize: Woof, Woof!
Photo Taken: Jumpinpin, South Stradbroke Island
Photo Description: Life is grand. Grover the sea dog knows where he would rather be… on a Riviera or Belize.

Name: Emma Dwyer
Boat Name: Destiny
Boat Model: Riviera 40 Flybridge
Photo Headline: Celebrating in Riviera Style
Photo Taken: Naru, NSW
Photo Description: A 40th birthday celebration done right – on our Riviera.

Name: Christine Barrow
Boat Name: NorEast
Boat Model: Riviera 33
Photo Headline: Two Great Australian Icons
Photo Taken: Yeomans Bay, Hawkesbury River, NSW
Photo Description: The perfect blend of two Australian icons – a Riviera and a Kelpie making for a great weekend on the water.

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