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Revealing the full scope of the CZone digital switching system

Edition 3 - 2018

Revealing the full scope of the CZone digital switching system

The CZone digital switching system installed in all new-model Rivieras is designed to make on-board lifestyle as simple as possible.

CZone replaces complicated and often cumbersome traditional wiring, switch and fuse panels with networked digital switch interfaces providing ultimate control of onboard electrical systems. This intuitive system allows owners to operate multiple electrical circuits including lighting, pumps, batteries, entertainment systems and appliances at a single touch.

CZone helps Riviera and Belize owners to manage and monitor their onboard systems, including tank and battery levels, power consumption and power load requirements with accuracy and ease.

Riviera’s Electrical and Electronics Manager, Greig Payne

Riviera’s Electrical and Electronics Manager, Greig Payne, said: “It allows an owner not only to monitor the tank levels, but to control relevant pumps from the same screen. This makes tasks such as pumping out a black water tank much easier as you can watch the level reduce and ensure that the pump does not run dry.”

CZone is pre-programmed with three modes: Entertaining, Cruising and Dock Unattended.

Greig said an important aspect of CZone is its incredible scope and flexibility and programmability.

“At its most basic, it offers capabilities such as dimming lights or switching multiple light zones on or off such as ‘All Saloon Lights’. But it is very much more than that.

“For example, the Dock Unattended mode can be programmed so that, when the owner is ready to lock and leave their yacht after a weekend on board, all lights and systems except the cockpit lights are switched off. These lights might remain on for three minutes to allow guests and owners to disembark in comfort before switching off automatically.

“The system can be programmed to monitor and control all the electrical and electronic systems in virtually any way that an owner desires.

“The Entertaining Mode may include switching the sound system on, activating bright cockpit and galley lighting while switching off all lights in the accommodation deck with the press of a single button. It might include a Sleep Mode in which only the anchor light is fully illuminated while a few courtesy lights are dimmed and all other lights are switched off to reduce current draw overnight.”

Greig said other benefits include a simple “intermittent” mode for windscreen wipers and single-button “screen wash” mode, offering car-like wiper control.

The system also monitors power source. If a marina offers 32-amp as well as 15-amp power, the system will automatically accept the 32-amp source. When the on-board generator is turned on, the system automatically switches all shore power off in preparation for departure.

Other important functions include the history log and diagnostics. They can show whether a porthole has been left open or how long a bilge pump may have been running and how many times it has switched on, warning of a potential water leak.

One key feature of CZone and a point of difference from many other digital switching systems is the ability to manually over-ride any on-board circuit in the unlikely event of a system failure. This is as simple as relocating the blade fuse for the DC circuits or flicking an over-ride toggle for AC circuits.

CZone offers two display options, the compact five-inch or a more spacious 10-inch display. Multiple displays can be installed throughout a motor yacht.

“An owner may prefer the 10-inch display in the saloon for overall control and more compact displays at the helm and even in the master stateroom or crew cabin,” said Greig.

Both displays provide:

• Easy-to-use touch interface
• Glass dash styling
• Super-bright wide screen display
• Low-profile flush mounting
• IPX6 water ingress protection
• NMEA 2000 compatible

Greig said the many programmable functions available with CZone can be implemented by an authorised Riviera and Belize Dealership representative.

He said that CZone also provides regular software updates. Owners may take advantage of the growing capabilities of the system by checking with their Dealer regarding new updates.


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