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R Marine Sydney treat their Riviera owners to a Lake Macquarie weekend getaway

Edition 7 - 2019

R Marine Sydney treat their Riviera owners to a Lake Macquarie weekend getaway

It was a perfect Spring day. The sun toasty and bright, with clear blue skies. A fleet of Riviera’s turned heads as they set out from Sydney Harbour, cruising elegantly under the Harbour Bridge and past the iconic Opera House. Dolphins and whales were spotted breaching as the fleet headed to sea rounding North Head.

R Marine Sydney, the Riviera representatives based at Rozelle Bay organised the adventurous weekend escape. Travelling 55 nautical miles north, at a comfortable speed between 20 – 22 knots, the Riviera flotilla’s destination was picturesque Lake Macquarie, the largest saltwater lagoon in the Southern Hemisphere. At 110sq km in size and with 178km of shoreline, the vastness alone inspires and ignites the imagination.

The team at R Marine Sydney understand the importance of these events.

Owners of all different experience levels can log valuable offshore time doing these longer cruises in-company with the peace of mind afforded by a lead boat and other more experienced Riviera owners. In addition, the camaraderie shared by all becomes an invaluable incentive for continued on-water enjoyment and further enhances each owner’s skills.

Passing through Swansea Heads at lunch time, the fleet arrived at their first stopover, Trinity Point Marina, with the afternoon sun. Welcomed by Andrew Chapman, Marina Manager, and his team, the Riviera guests were given a tour of the newly developed facilities. Champagne and a spectacular grazing plate awaited the Riviera crew at the conference room on the water’s edge, where they were treated to the acoustic sounds of Macca well into the evening.

Up and at it, bright and early Saturday morning, the Riviera crews breakfasted and then began preparations for the Great Australian Poker Run. A moving game of poker with teams cruising from spot to spot across the lake, collecting cards to obtain the best hand of the day. Various prizes were awarded throughout the friendly competition.

During the cruise, the Riviera fleet dropped anchor in the middle of the Lake to enjoy the last of the super boat races, watching the exhilarating powerboats zoom around them in a circuit. Everyone was proud to watch on as well-known skipper Leigh Trevaskis claimed second prize in the first race.

Marmong Point Marina was the next stop on the itinerary, where crews were already enjoying the excitement and post-game festivities.

Riviera 395 SUV owner, Anthony Miller, thoroughly enjoyed the Lake Macquarie weekend. Soaking up the great weather and excellent conditions, Anthony was thrilled with the experience and with meeting new friends from the Riviera family.

“Being involved in such a great event with other passionate Riviera owners was fantastic. The weekend was extremely well organised and a great deal of fun. Without R Marine Sydney, the weekend wouldn’t have been possible”, Anthony commented following the weekend.

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