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R INSURANCE – hand-crafted to provide peace of mind

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R INSURANCE – hand-crafted to provide peace of mind

Hand-crafted insurance from Australia’s most awarded luxury yacht builder.


Protection tailored to your needs

Your Riviera is not just a world-class luxury motor yacht, it is an asset and a significant investment that needs to be protected.

Of course insurance policies can vary greatly and it is often only the fine print that sets them apart – sometimes it is only when you arrive to make a claim that you discover the cover you thought you had is, in reality, quite different.


That’s why, as part of our commitment to your “ultimate boating experience”, the specific protection you need for your Riviera is now available through R Insurance.

We want to make sure the quality of your insurance cover matches the quality of your boat.

R Insurance – exclusive to Riviera and Belize owners – is offered in partnership with Australia’s leading provider of pleasure craft insurance, Club Marine. Club Marine Insurance is underwritten by Allianz Australia, one of Australia’s largest insurers, so you can be reassured that your R Insurance policy is managed locally, and also well backed.

With its lengthy and extensive experience, excellent reputation and resources that include over 500 service centres nationally, Club Marine is well qualified to join with Riviera in bringing you superior insurance.

We invite you to consider the unique benefits of R Insurance … and talk with your Riviera Dealer for an obligation-free quote.


R Insurance

For more information please contact your local R Marine dealer by clicking here.