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Pirates invade New Zealand’s Motuihe Island for R Marine Flagship Experience

Edition 5 - 2017

Pirates invade New Zealand’s Motuihe Island for R Marine Flagship Experience

Plenty of young pirates during the Rendezvous.

“Aaargh” was very much the theme for the recent R Marine Flagship Experience at picturesque Motuihe Island to the east of Auckland Harbour on New Zealand’s north island.

Being a pirate is hungry work.

Pirates were the order of the day in an event jointly organised with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

The theme was embraced by all of the 20 Riviera owners, their family and friends – adults and the many children who attended.

The day’s fun began with an “ice breaker” event in which everyone had to locate someone else, for example, an individual with a surf board or wearing a particular shirt.

“It was a great way to have people meet others who they might not normally get to know quickly,” explained R Marine Flagship’s Mieka Thomas.

The day was packed with events and competitions for the children – and young at heart – including a beach obstacle course, a sack race, egg throwing and frisbee tossing contests.

For Venecia Martin from Riviera 51 Enclosed Flybridge Nomad, the highlight was “the kids winning the competition for the best dressed Pirates!”

Left: Best-dressed pirates Martin with Lana Mihelcic from the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

“It was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon soaking up the winter sun and enjoying the best of winter motor yachting,” she said.

A scavenger hunt had teams crawling all over the island in search of treasures then posing for special photos, contorting their bodies to spell out names or slogans.

Gavin and Sarah Chittenden from K1W1-Beanz were enthusiasts.

Cooking up a storm for hungry pirates.

“The whole event was so well organised; from the people ferrying us to and from our boat to the lovely ladies who organised the scavenger hunt and games and the wonderful catering staff who kept us fed and watered,” said Sarah.



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