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Perfect autumn getaway with R Marine Crawley

Edition 3 - 2017

Perfect autumn getaway with R Marine Crawley


Queensland’s Gold Coast turned on perfect weather on the first Friday of March as R Marine Crawley‘s first boating event of the year set off from Runaway Bay at the southern end of the sprawling Broadwater.

The Autumn Boating Getaway drew 15 Riviera owners and their families for the event that promised great social activities and a relaxing weekend on the water.

Heading north, it wasn’t long before the group anchored up at Dux Landing, a private beach and picnic area owned by the Southport Yacht Club. Everyone tendered to shore for an afternoon rendezvous.


Dave Pollock, owner of Riviera 5000 Sport Yacht Hokus Pokus, spoke to the team about how the simple things in life have the most memorable impact.

“It’s the little things, like joining in a game of beach cricket, which reminds me just how important it is to stop and embrace life in its raw simplicity… something I’m sure many of us forget when life gets busy,” he said.

getaway-2An afternoon “20/20 Big Bash” beach cricket match pitted Team R Marine Crawley against Team Riviera Owners, a match that concluded in a friendly draw.

Enjoying a barbecue meal at the Dux picnic area, people whiled away the afternoon and watched the sun go down on what had been a fantastic first day, making new friends, reminiscing with old friends and sharing boating experiences on the water.

Saturday morning’s perfect weather delighted the Riviera group with postcard memories.  After running tenders across the water for breakfast at Tipplers resort, the group climbed back onboard, casting off for an easy cruise to Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island, one of a group of islands in southern Moreton Bay, south of Brisbane.

This picture perfect backdrop set the scene for topical discussions across the beach, none more welcoming than the camaraderie expressed by many of the owners.

“I sit here looking out at 15 Rivieras,” said Richard Kaye, owner of Riviera 43 Flybridge Lady Soul. “There are sport yachts, SUVs and multiple sizes of flybridges yet we are all refreshingly similar in the way we feel about our boating family.”

Sunday came around way too quickly, but it wasn’t without a quick trip to the Tangalooma Wrecks off Moreton Island for some swimming and snorkelling.

R Marine Crawley Dealer Principal Ben Crawley said the team’s Boating Getaways are all about encouraging Riviera owners to spend more time on the water and ‘Riv’ing the Dream’.

Ben said the R Marine Crawley team has drawn up a fantastic events calendar for 2017 and welcomes all Riviera owners to join them on their next Weekend Getaway scheduled for June 2nd to 3rd.


“Whether it’s to gain confidence with your vessel, find new destinations to travel or sharing unique experiences with like-minded people, it’s simply an event not to miss,” said Ben.

“These events are more than just an excuse to take the boat out; they are a timely reminder just how much our Rivieras continue to enrich our lives.” – Ben Crawley. Dealer Principal, R Marine Crawley.

“We have been on a few of these events now and are so grateful for the rapport we have created, not only with the R Marine Crawley Family, but with other boat owners as well. Kita and I love these events and our Riviera family.” – Andy Smith, owner of Riviera 51 Reel Dynamic.


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