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Pearls and champagne at masterclass luncheon

Edition 3 - 2017

Pearls and champagne at masterclass luncheon


The Riviera Festival of Boating extends beyond luxury yachting. This year included the Paspaley Pearls Masterclass and ladies luncheon at Palazzo Versace, hosted by a member of the Paspaley family.

Held in the acclaimed Vanitas Restaurant at the luxurious Palazzo Versace, the exclusive Riviera luncheon featured an impressive display of a range of the world’s rarest and most valuable pearl jewellery as well as a presentation to explain why Australian South Sea pearls are unrivalled in size, natural colour and lustre.

paspaley-1Michelle Bissaker always enjoys the Festival luncheons. This year’s event was a highlight for her.

“The food was fabulous, the room was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the models showing the magnificent pearl jewellery,” she said. “The three hours went so quickly!”

Connie Borgia agreed.

“Brilliant! I loved the red carpet treatment. It was a classy venue. I went with a group of 10 girls and we met some great ladies.”



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