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Our Belize 66 team brings the stunning new motor yacht together

Edition 5 - 2018

Our Belize 66 team brings the stunning new motor yacht together

The team of craftsmen building our magnificent new Belize 66 motor yacht has achieved a major milestone with the deck now being connected to the hull.

Before this momentous event, a number of significant elements of this extraordinary motor yacht needed to be completed.

The new Volvo Penta 1350 IPS engines were lowered into position, secured and connected to the IPS pods already in place.

The main fuel tank was installed in the master stateroom a few weeks ago. It fits under the queen-size master stateroom bed frame, now installed as shown in the photo above, on the centre-line of the motor yacht. One of the master stateroom wardrobes can also be seen on the left lower corner of the photo.

The full beam master bathroom module immediately aft of the stateroom was also installed. The photograph above shows the frame for the water-tight door between this bathroom and the engine room, emphasising the full height available in the engine room.

You will notice in the photo above, taken from the transom, that the two engines are installed in an unusual arrangement, with the port engine slightly forward of the starboard engine. This has been designed to provide. enough space for the large tender to be stowed in the garage above while giving clearance to the port side engine turbo. This arrangement has been designed and calibrated by our engineers.  We showed the installed pods in the previous edition of our Experience magazine.

The generator was also installed between the two engines. Lightweight fuel tanks of 1,350 litres each were fitted on either side of the engine room ( the ebove photo shows them forward of the engines and immediately aft of the master stateroom) as were a pair of 350-litre water tanks (the white modules on either side of the engines).

With major engineering and accommodation installations complete, the moment came for the team to gently lower the giant deck onto the hull.

Riviera Motor Yacht Specialist and Belize project manager Doug Nelson said: “This was an incredibly exciting moment for all of us. It provided an overall view of this stunning new motor yacht. She is awesome!”

Meanwhile, the hardtop, above, was weighed to ensure that it exactly meets the demanding specifications of this motor yacht to keep weight to a minimum while exceeding requirements for safety. The hardtop was then lowered into position, completing the assembly of all the motor yacht’s large components.

The focus of the team has turned to the luxurious interior fitout of the Belize 66. We will continue to share images of this work in the next edition of Experience magazine.

The Belize 66 Sedan will have her World Premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the United States beginning on October 31 this year.

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