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New technology employed to enhance Belize 66 performance

Edition 4 - 2018

New technology employed to enhance Belize 66 performance

The magnificent new Belize 66 will have her World Premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the United States beginning on October 31 this year.

The interior structures of this new flagship Belize are coming together, with the hull framework completed and floors being installed.

The large main fuel tank that sits on the motor yacht’s centreline between the hull ribs and under the master stateroom offers multiple benefits to this luxurious, high performance motor yacht. Detailed research by the design and production team has led to a special vacuum-infused technology that has created a lighter, stronger structure. This technology is employed on all Belize 66 fuel and black water holding tanks. The photo below shows the black water holding tank bonded in place.

Weight reduction without compromise is a mantra for the Belize team. As well as the high-tech fuel and holding tanks, the Belize 66 will employ lithium ion batteries for house capacity. Riviera Motor Yacht Specialist and Belize project manager Doug Nelson says the technology means they will require only three of these new technology batteries instead of the standard six house batteries needed to provide equivalent electrical capacity.

“Every decision we make focuses on enhancing the performance of this new motor yacht without any compromise to structural principles,” he says.

The massive deck is being laminated.

The inner and outer parts of the hardtop have been bonded. Once fastened, the two moulds in their GRP frames were lifted away to reveal the completed part. It was then detailed, ready for installation.

The water-tight pantograph door that leads from the saloon to the side deck has now been completed and painted, ready for installation. As described in our previous report, the photograph above clearly shows the unique locking mechanism of this door, shaped into the outer saloon curve. Doug Nelson says the door has been designed to blend into the saloon side so that it will be barely discernible.

An anti-foul primer and finish coating has been painted on the hull into the edge of the pod rings prior to the installation of the Volvo Penta IPS3 pods to ensure an all-over cover in preparation for the final hull anti-foul paint.


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