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Mystery weekend of camaraderie for R Marine Jones flotilla

Edition 5 - 2018

Mystery weekend of camaraderie for R Marine Jones flotilla

The sun set on another great R Marine Experience day.

BRIBIE ISLAND, QUEENSLAND – A  voyage of more than 50 nautical miles north along the entire length of Queensland’s Moreton Bay began an exciting three days for the owners and families of 18 Riviera motor yachts that joined the R Marine Jones “Mystery Weekend” recently.

The flotilla assembled at the mouth of the Coomera River on the Gold Coast on Friday morning before heading north through the sometimes challenging channels that weave between sand islands into Moreton Bay.

“I took delivery of my 4700 Sport Yacht, Acquasition III, only a month before the weekend,” said Matt. “This was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about my motor yacht.”

After about four hours, the flotilla arrived at its “Mystery” destination off Sandstone Point on the mainland, immediately south of the only bridge that connects to Bribie Island, a sand island that marks the northern end of Moreton Bay.

The flotilla safely anchored off Sandstone Point.

Bribie Island is the only sand island in Queensland connected the mainland by a bridge.

“We love the Riviera Experience weekends,” said Semele Moore. She and husband Les joined the flotilla aboard their Riviera M370, No Appeal.  Les and Semele are in the legal profession.

“We live at Newport,” said Semele. “So it was a very short run across northern Moreton Bay for us.

“Social interaction is the main attraction of these trips. We have the opportunity to meet other Riviera owners and create great friendships.”

Left: Ferrying Riviera families to the luncheon. Right: Cheers! A welcoming drink before luncheon.

Safely anchored off Sandstone Point, the adventurers spent Friday evening moving between the motor yachts and exchanging information and enjoying food, drinks and companionship.

After a healthy breakfast on Saturday, many families chose to spend time exploring the island before the team at R Marine Jones ferried everyone to the Sandstone Point jetty. From there it was a short stroll across a sweeping lawn to the Sandstone Point Hotel where a sumptuous luncheon was laid out.

Luncheon at the Sandstone Point Hotel.

“It was a really good lunch,” said Matt. “Most important, though, was getting together with everyone. Owning a Riviera motor yacht gave us immediate entree to a group of like-minded people. I learned a lot about my Sport Yacht during the weekend.”

After a lazy breakfast on Sunday morning, the flotilla turned south again for the voyage home.

“These weekends are always impressive,” concluded Semele Moore. “Everything is laid on for us.”

Matt said: “The weekend confirmed for me I have an awesome Sport Yacht and have joined a great group of people in the Riviera family.”


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