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Melbourne mega raft-up brings 24 Rivieras together – plus a surprise visitor

Edition 9 - 2017

Melbourne mega raft-up brings 24 Rivieras together – plus a surprise visitor

The magnificent new Riviera 72 Sports Motor Yacht, Orrca, joins the raft-up celebrations at Martha Cove.

MARTHA COVE, VICTORIA – On a sparkling Saturday afternoon recently, a spectacular mega raft-up in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay attracted 24 Rivieras – and a surprise visitor in Riviera’s magnificent new 72 Sports Motor Yacht.

Hosted by Victoria’s dedicated Riviera and Belize dealership R Marine Jacksons, the raft-up brought together a diverse group of Riviera motor yachts for an afternoon of Riviera family fun and camaraderie on the bay outside the Hidden Harbour Marina at Martha Cove on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Sergio Cinerari said: “It was a spectacular sight to see so many Rivieras together.”

Sergio and his wife Leanne had come from Sandringham aboard their Riviera 445 SUV, Dory.

A total of 23 Riviera motor yachts rafted-up with another acting as the entertainment stage.

“What a lovely way to spend an afternoon,” he said.

The new Riviera 72 Sports Motor Yacht Orrca arrived on cue as the raft-up was completed and sat centre stage after its long voyage from the Riviera facility in south-east Queensland.

Enjoying camaraderie, entertainment and a majestic visitor during the raft-up.

“She made a magnificent sight,” said R Marine Jacksons principal Stuart Jackson.

“It is safe to say everyone in the raft-up was in awe of this extraordinary motor yacht and she certainly created a great sense of pride among the Riviera family.”

Entertaining the revellers during the raft-up.

Grant and Tania Cassels aboard their 3600 Sport Yacht Moonglow were impressed with the smooth operation.

“Stuart and his team were fantastic,” said Grant. “We had never been involved in a raft-up like this before. The organisation went like clockwork.

“Once we were all in place, Stuart brought a band in aboard a Riviera and we danced through the afternoon.

“A special surprise was a lovely picnic basket from R Marine Jacksons that included a bottle of champagne and some R Marine Jacksons gifts. Fantastic.”

For many, the fun continued into the evening as they moved into the marina.

“On top of everything else Stuart and his team delivered pizza for those of us who decided to stay overnight in the marina,” said Grant. “Another wonderful surprise to cap off a fantastic day.”



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