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Magnificent flagship Belize 66 comes to life as mould plugs begin to show her lines and form

Edition 8 - 2017

Magnificent flagship Belize 66 comes to life as mould plugs begin to show her lines and form

The hull for the first of our new flagship Belize 66 models is scheduled to complete lamination in mid-January 2018 as work on every part of this magnificent motor yacht brings her to life.

The three parts of the hull mould, when assembled, form the one perfectly shaped hull.  This significantly contributes to the striking curves of the 66 motor yacht, including the detailed aft quarters.

Development of the hull mould has progressed to building the framework. These large structural frames are set out on the mould shell to ensure the exact shape is maintained, especially during the release of the separate hull mould pieces from the product.

Lamination of the enormous full deck mould begins within two weeks and the outer plug for the Sedan hard top is being prepared for final moulding with the first coats of paint being rubbed back in preparation to the final coat application. Every plug is carefully painted to an ultra-smooth surface so that the mould and then the actual GRP part is without blemish.

Every plug is assembled for checking and fine-tuning before moulds can be taken.

As each plug is completed, it is matched with its complementary plug and carefully checked to ensure a perfect fit when the part is finally laminated. One of the largest of these projects was to lower the large hard top inner plug onto the deck. Due to five-axis computer cutting and accurate modelling, the fit was exact.

The Belize 66 Sedan Hard Top outer plug being prepared for final moulding. The five-axis plug ceiling (the inner mould surface of the hard top) is suspended above the interior mock-up.
The extensive deck plug with the Sedan hard top suspended over it.

Riviera Motor Yacht Specialist and Belize project manager Doug Nelson and his team are overseeing every element of this complex process as Riviera CEO and Belize founder Wes Moxey and Riviera owner and Chairman visit the yard regularly to inspect progress.

The team of craftspeople has built a mock-up of the interior of the accommodation deck, including the fully moulded bathrooms, to allow the design and management team to complete a physical walk-through to check every detail before the bathroom plugs are finally prepared for moulding.

The mock-up of the accommodation deck interior, including the fully moulded bathrooms, is constructed to allow a physical walk through and inspection of every detail before the bathroom plugs are finally prepared for moulding. Shown here, the five-axis routed ceiling plug is suspended above.

Already many of the high quality fixtures and fittings specified for this luxurious motor yacht are being placed to ensure that they will perform exactly as envisioned in the concept designs.

The large water-tight pantograph door that will feature on the port side, providing access from saloon to the side deck, has been developed and tested in a moulded replica of the motor yacht’s saloon superstructure. This replica represents an exact duplication of the port side of the Belize 66 main deck. Every detail of this door’s frames and mechanical functions are thoroughly checked in the mock-up. The replica cabin side will be retained throughout production so that the pantograph door of every Belize 66 is built to the single exacting standard within the factory.

Every detail of the large port side pantograph door, including tolerances and mechanical functions, are thoroughly checked in this mock up of its frame.


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