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Life aboard a 505 SUV takes cruising to a new level

Edition 11 - 2020, Reviews

Life aboard a 505 SUV takes cruising to a new level


Captain Arnie Hammerman, of Lakeland Boating, discovered some pleasant surprises aboard the Riviera 505 SUV, including the mezzanine that provided a ‘cosy transitional space between the saloon and the cockpit’. In his review of the latest addition to Riviera’s SUV models, he says:


“The cockpits of SUVs are ideal for fishing but also great for entertaining or for relaxing close to the water. Many Riviera owners are focused on cruising, so design refinements have enhanced cruise-ability. The feature that I found I liked the most, and that really sets the 505 SUV apart from previous models and the competition, is the semi-enclosed raised mezzanine. This new model incorporates advancements that improve the cruising experience which kept drawing me back. As I sat in the semi-protection, watching our wake as we cruised toward the shoreline, I found myself wishing I could stay aboard a bit longer.”

Captain Arnie Hammerman