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Leadership camp inspires Riviera apprentices

Edition 5 - 2017

Leadership camp inspires Riviera apprentices

The team of apprentices prepare for a canoe race.

A group of third and fourth-year apprentices – Riviera’s leaders of tomorrow  – attended a Leadership camp at Lake Ainsworth, south of Byron Bay on New South Wales north coast in early June.

Activities included rock wall climbing, rope climbing and an amazing race team-building activity to promote teamwork, problem solving and planning.

Brendan Smith commented: “I really enjoyed the amazing race challenge on Saturday afternoon. It was a good bonding experience and it was a good way to learn to work as a team.”

Balancing acts on the high wire.
Top: Jarad Devlin
Middle: A Canoe melee
Bottom: Nicholas Moxey (left) and Callum Whelan

Tyla-Marie Doner agreed. “I learned a lot about myself, others, working in a team and taking on leadership. Next year let’s have an extra day as we all had so much fun!”

The apprentices also enjoyed a range of activities including beach driving, canoeing activities and bonding by the bonfire.

The weekend also gave apprentices, managers and administration staff the opportunity to get to know each other better and to build new friendships.

Rhys Johannsen-Weston commented “the camp was a great way to break the ice and have conversations with people he hadn’t had the chance to talk to properly at work.”

Training Manager Adam Houlahan, Training Assistant Keira Shanks and a number of Riviera’s management team helped to make the weekend happen and gave up their own time to spend with Riviera’s future leaders.

The apprentice team agreed with Tyla-Marie: “Let’s make next year’s camp longer!”



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