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Ladies Luncheon adds more colour to the Festival of Boating

Edition 3 - 2019

Ladies Luncheon adds more colour to the Festival of Boating


Friday’s Ladies Luncheon at the Riviera Festival of Boating is always one of the most colourful events on the social side of the festival, and this year even more so.

You can view our highlights film of the 2019 Festival of Boating below

Held at the Grange at the InterContinental Hotel, the sell-out luncheon featured a fashion parade of vibrant kaftan-inspired designs by Australia’s own Bonita label.

To complement the Bonita designs the event had the theme the “Art of Colour” and many of the ninety ladies who attended wore colourful outfits in keeping with that theme.

During the fashion parade models showed off dozens of outfits from Bonita’s bright collection of tailored dresses, flowing tops and fashionable hats, with all receiving admiring comments and warm applause.

Afterwards, the ladies could try on their favourite outfit or hat to decide what to purchase and take home with them.

One attendee was particularly delighted with the leopard-skin print hat she found, which perfectly accessorised the new Gucci handbag she had brought with her to the lunch.

Make-up artists from the Australian Issada brand helped added more colour to the afternoon, encouraging the ladies to try some more vibrant colours of lipstick after lunch.

Several door prizes – including one of the bright dresses featured in the fashion parade – hosted by Riviera’s Stephen Milne, added another touch of fun.

Riviera owner Connie Borgia has attended the last three events and this year brought even more friends with her.

“It’s an excuse to frock up and enjoy a relaxing and fun afternoon with my girlfriends,” Connie said.

“I just love these lunches. They have a different theme every time and it’s such fun deciding what to wear.

Fellow owner Helen Papas was another who enjoyed the afternoon.

“I loved the food and the company and thought the whole afternoon was just fabulous,” Helen said.

“It was great to talk to the other owner from all over the country about what they don with their boats.”
I also loved the fashion parade. I thought the pops of colour were quite unique. I have been to Africa so my favourite were the bright African prints.”

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