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“It’s all about the children” at R Marine Flagship’s Motuihe Island Experience

Edition 6 - 2018

“It’s all about the children” at R Marine Flagship’s Motuihe Island Experience

MOTUIHE ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND – It was a special day for the children of Riviera owners at the recent R Marine Flagship Motuihe Island Experience.

Motuihe Island is one of the smallest of a group of islands in the Hauraki Gulf west of Auckland on New Zealand’s north island.

The R Marine Flagship team created a “Pirates and Mermaids” theme for the day and all of the 21 Riviera owners, their families and friends joined in the fun.

Left: Ferrying the pirates ashore. Right: Girls having fun in their pirates dress up.

Rick Cirolli and his teenage sons joined the flotilla aboard Rick’s new Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge La Bella Vita.

“It was a fantastic event, totally dedicated to the children,” said Rick. “It is a lovely island and a great day.

“For the adults, it was a great day too. We enjoyed meeting the greater Riviera family and the fabulous barbecue and refreshments that R Marine Flagship put on for the guests.

Dad pirates

“This was my first event with the Flagship team and I was very impressed with the organisation.

“I purchased a Riviera 46 nine years ago and decided last year that it was time for an upgrade. And then we received a personal invitation to join this beautiful event. Owning a Riviera has so many benefits beyond the motor yacht!”

The day was packed with events and competitions for the children – and young at heart – with a strong pirate theme including Pin The Patch On The Pirate, a Pirate Hook Toss and a Canon Ball Shy.

Many of the dads dressed as pirates and helped with the games.

The children also had the opportunity to test their skills with hoola hoops and their strength in a fun tug-o-war event. For those who wanted to look even more pretty or scary, there was a face painting and make-up station.

Tug-o-war girls … battling against the tug-o-war boys.

A scavenger hunt sent the children scrambling all over the island in search of treasures then posing for special photos.

The girls loved the hoola hoops.

For Colleen and Phil Kenny, the day was an opportunity to meet new people.

“We have been on a number of events with R Marine Flagship and each is a fantastic way to meet other Riviera owners and share experiences,” said Colleen.

The couple shared the day with friends Denise and Mitchell Strong aboard their Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge Slainte.

“We enjoyed socialising throughout the day. The children all had a wonderful time. They are an important part of the Riviera family.

“The event was well organised as always. The R Marine team ferried us to and from our yachts and operated a delicious barbecue on the grass above the beach. It could not have been a better day.”


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