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The gleaming hull of our exciting new Belize 66 takes a major step forward

Edition 6 - 2017

The gleaming hull of our exciting new Belize 66 takes a major step forward


Creating the large and sea-kindly hull of our magnificent new Belize 66 is progressing well, with Riviera Motor Yacht Specialist and Belize project manager Doug Nelson and his team overseeing every element of this complex process.

“The design of the hull requires that we build the mould in three parts so that each part of the mould can be carefully lifted away when lamination is completed,” said Doug. “We have one mould for the starboard side of the hull, one for port and one for the transom to allow us to create the gentle curve of the aft section of this beautiful motor yacht.”

Building the hull in multiple parts is required to create this exciting new motor yacht’s incredible lines.

Close attention to detail on the starboard side hull plug.

“The build itself is a three-stage process, each one critical to the quality of the completed hull,” Doug explained.

“The first stage is the production of what we call ‘plugs’ for each part. The plug is an exact replica of the completed hull part. It is cut by a computer-controlled five-axis router from a high-density foam. Our craftspeople then work diligently to ‘fair’ the plug, to smooth the surface to a mirror shine.

“The plugs are used to build moulds into which we lay the multi-layered GRP laminate that makes up the final hull.

Working on the plug of the massive cockpit space and tender garage of the Belize 66.

“The hull plugs for the new 66 are complete, and we have moved on to carefully building the three-piece split mould.”

Once a mould is complete, a tooling gelcoat is applied to create a highly polished surface to the mould which then allows the application of gelcoat to the mould surface upon which many layers of GRP are laid to create the structural laminate required.

Work on the massive foredeck entertainment area is progressing well with large side hatches, detailed seating and forward storage and chiller boxes now beginning to take shape.

Top: Working on the hull plug.
Above: The high bulwark side decks and entertainer foredeck take shape.

The template for the teak capping rail is being made on the top of the bulwark to ensure exact fit and to help progress the development of all the detailed parts including the set-out of the Belize custom-made mooring cleats and fairleads.

The toe rail template will also be used to create the beautiful 62mm wide oval shaped bow rail, a unique characteristic of the Belize marque.

The plug for the lower deck interior headliner, cut with a state-of-the-art five-axis router, has been completed. This headliner is a large component that locks vertical bulkheads and cabinetry in place to aid rigidity to the motor yacht. It is moulded to include locations for feature and standard lighting, wiring looms and plumbing lines. It also provides a smooth and positive surface to secure finishing timber and the headlining material for staterooms and companionways.  Once complete, this plug will be locked in place and suspended over the mock-up lower deck interior that includes the moulded bathroom plugs. This allows the design and management team to review and walk through the full-size mock-up of the area to decide whether any modifications may be necessary before final moulding takes place.

Deck locker hatches have been made and checked against the deck plug to ensure a perfect fit.  They will be fully hinged and checked off before moulding begins.

Deck hatch plugs have been made and are well on the way to being prepared for creating the moulds.

The cockpit area of the deck plug has complex gutters and drains that are being moulded into the deck for efficient, accurate assembly, and to assure highly effective drainage.


While the main access to the engine room is through the utility space aft of the master stateroom, the Belize 66 also has a large hatch at the forward end of the tender garage to allow alternative access to the engine room if necessary. A large access hatch in the aft end of the garage allows access to the optional gyro stabiliser system.

As work on the major components of this semi-custom motor yacht continues, our design team is also developing additional options following detailed discussion with prospective owners.

Last month, we revealed concept designs for the master accommodation suite, with a Grand Presidential option to include a bathroom in the large space aft of the stateroom and an office area in the starboard fore quarter.

Now we can reveal further options in the saloon area, including a Continental layout featuring a raised breakfast bar on the forward section of the galley combined with the option of a six-seat dining suite or large L-shape viewing lounge and coffee table in the forward port quarter of the saloon.

B66-Continental_iss2 B66-Plan-FB-Main-Single-helm_iss2B66-Plan-FB-Main_iss2


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