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Technical feature – Garmin’s new FrontVü forward-looking sonar

Edition 7 - 2017

Technical feature – Garmin’s new FrontVü forward-looking sonar


Riviera is now offering the new Garmin Panoptix multi-beam through-hull transducer with FrontVü forward-looking sonar system on all Riviera and Belize models.

Panoptix FrontVü offers skippers a new level of security, particularly when navigating difficult waters.

It displays the sea bottom up to 90 metres ahead of the boat (at eight to 10 times the current depth) delivering nearly instant feedback to give the helmsman more time to react in the event of an obstruction, reducing the chance of running aground.

The display includes both depth and temperature data.

Garmin notes that the ability to effectively avoid running aground with FrontVü sonar decreases as speed rises above eight knots.

The Panoptix FrontVü has a narrow beam, forward-looking sonar (20 degrees), allowing the helmsman to focus on the bottom in front of the motor yacht and not be distracted by what is off to either side.

An AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) sensor provides motion stabilisation to maintain the front view even in rough water conditions.

The system includes LiveVü Forward sonar to provide the unique ability to see fish and even divers swimming in real time under and ahead with a 30-metre forward range and operates effectively whether the motor yacht is moving or stationary.

It offers fishermen a live action view, allowing them to watch a lure as it sinks and see fish swimming and reacting to a bait. If they attack, the fisherman can see the hit as well as feel it and then watch the fight on the screen as it happens.

The system features a standard 50.88 mm stainless steel through-hull mount and is compatible with all Panoptix capable Garmin chart plotters.

Panoptix FrontVu is available as an option on new builds of all Riviera and Belize models and can be added to existing Garmin systems with 8000 series screens.

Contact your dealer for further technical and pricing details.


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Frequency 417 kHz
Power 96 W
Beam width LiveVü & FrontVü: 20°x90°
Maximum depth 90 metres down; 30 metres forward
Depth/Speed/Temperature Depth and temperature
Number of pins Ethernet
Cable length Power cable 1.8 metres; Ethernet Cable 1.8 metres; Ethernet Extension Cable 15 metres
Supported deadrise/Transom angles Up to 20° deadrise with 2 cm hull


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