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Further production milestones achieved for the new Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht

Design, Edition 1 - 2020

Further production milestones achieved for the new Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht

Production of the new Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht is well advanced as we edge closer towards her highly anticipated official launch at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May.

The Riviera New Product Development team has reported a very productive month with several milestones achieved.

The entire deck plug has been completed to a mirror finish, requiring the close attention to detail from bow to stern that only Riviera’s experienced craftsmen and women are capable of.

On the back of this achievement, the deck production mould was able to be created. This is a process requiring the control and expertise of experienced lamination technicians to ensure that the mould matches the quality of the plug.

Once the mould skin had been created, a 3D CAD-designed CNC pre-cut timber reinforcement frame was connected to it. This method provides rigidity and function to the mould in a highly efficient and accurate process.

With the deck mould complete, the entire 64SMY hull and deck plug assembly was able to be inverted to allow completion of the headliner. This roll-over process is a massive undertaking requiring careful manoeuvring of two 120-tonne mobile cranes.

View The 64 Sports Motor Yacht Crane Maneuver Video   1:02 min duration

Once complete, the roll-over allowed for the removal of the hull plug that has been present since the beginning of the mock-up process to ensure the interior design of the vessel was accurate. With the hull removed, the headliner could now be accessed.

The headliner is a moulded composite component that provides accurate repeatable joinery location, a high-quality surface finish to the interior ceilings, and forms part of the strong structural continuity through the boat that Rivieras are known for.

With the headliner plug now completed and moulded, the deck mould was able to be accessed and released – a major milestone allowing the production of the first 64SMY deck to begin.

At the same time as these milestones, Riviera’s team of experienced master craftsmen has been finalising the detail on plugs for over 120 fibreglass “small parts” that make up the new 64SMY. A small part can be anywhere from 200mm to 4 metres long, and each one requires care and experience to hand-finish the plug to ensure the necessary tolerances and strength are built in.

Meanwhile in Riviera’s production facility, another important landmark was reached with the first 64SMY hull completing lamination. With its elegant flare and fine entry, this stunning hull form continues the development of seaworthy blue-water hulls that Riviera is so well regarded. The hull will now move into the engineering stage which will be covered in next month’s update.

For more, visit www.rivieraaustralia.com/models/64-sports-motor-yacht