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Development continues on the new 64 Sports Motor Yacht

Design, Edition 2 - 2020

Development continues on the new 64 Sports Motor Yacht

Riviera’s New Product Development team has had another very productive period with more key milestones achieved in the production of the new 64 Sports Motor Yacht.

Following the recent completion of production moulds, the first 64SMY deck, headliner and bathroom modules were laminated by Riviera’s experienced lamination technicians.

The deck alone is over 19 metres long, and incorporates multiple different laminates and core materials to optimise strength and minimise weight.

The headliner and bathroom mouldings that provide an outstanding gloss finished surface inside the yacht have now been bonded to the deck, forming one strong component. This entire assembly was released from the mould, using tooling that doubles as a transport base designed by Riviera’s in-house engineering team.

Meanwhile, in Riviera’s dedicated Engineering facility, master craftsmen were fitting the components and systems required to propel the yacht and provide the many services and systems that make a Riviera so comfortable and luxurious. This includes fitting the twin 1550hp V12 MAN engines to millimetre accuracy to ensure the performance and smoothness for which Riviera Sports Motor Yachts are respected the world over.

With all the care and attention to fit propulsion drivelines and systems to the hull, the newly moulded deck could be rolled over, passed through stringent quality checks, and catch up to the hull to be ready for the scheduled hull-deck joining milestone.

Before this could happen, Riviera’s highly-trained expert electricians installed the wiring harnesses that power and control all onboard systems. The total length of cable installed at this stage is in excess of 7km.

Following this, a major landmark was achieved with the deck and hull joining together and integrating to become the first 64 Sports Motor Yacht. This was a delicate operation with just millimetres of clearance in the 3D CAD designed interior which is optimised to ensure every millimetre of space is utilised.

The hull and deck were then bonded, fibreglassed, and mechanically fastened together at every connection point by Riviera’s master boat builders to ensure continuity of structure and ultimate strength.

View the Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht – Milestone: Deck and Hull Join Video     0:58 min duration