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Fun and colour of the Riviera lifestyle

Edition 3 - 2017

Fun and colour of the Riviera lifestyle


Each year the Riviera Festival of Boating features a gala event on Saturday evening.

This year the theme was “Let’s Dance”, taking the 550 guests on an adventure of dance through the ages, from the sights and sounds of tribal, Asian, South American to modern dance and music, all in a swirl of light, colour and sound.

gala-2018After a three-course dinner and fine wines, guests were inspired to take to the dance floor and danced the night away.

This year’s Festival was the first for South Australian Russell Bianco.

“The dance party was great,” he said, “and the food was sensational. We danced all the way to the end of the night.”

Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht owners Andrew and Alison Turner agreed.

“The party was fantastic and we particularly enjoy meeting Riviera owners from other parts of the world,” said Alison. “We spent some time chatting with a couple from the United States who also own a Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht!”

Please click below to see our gallery of photos from the event.


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