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Focus on intricate details as the new 64 Sports Motor Yacht moves closer to reality

Edition 6 - 2019

Focus on intricate details as the new 64 Sports Motor Yacht moves closer to reality

Riviera’s master craftsmen are inching ever closer to one of the key milestones in production of the all-new 64 Sports Motor Yacht – moulding of the full deck from bow to stern.

Since we last took you behind the scenes of the build and visited to the restricted-access, new product development centre, Riviera Product Development Manager David Higgins and his team of 40 master boat builders have been busy completing the intricate plug work of the foredeck, cockpit and internals including hatches and storage lockers.

This includes working with our design team to accommodate small functional refinements put forward by a select group of Riviera owners who were invited to inspect a full-scale mock-up of the luxury motor yacht earlier this year.

“This is where our craftsmen come into their own,” Riviera NPI Manager Matt Thacker said.

“They are working on the finer details of the build to ensure the entire cockpit and foredeck function exactly as they should. The plugs will then be painted with a high gloss finish resin and perfectly detailed ready for moulds to be taken from them.

“We are on track to mould the full deck in coming weeks which is one of the most important milestones for any new build. The dedicated team is working around the clock to ensure this spectacular motor yacht is ready for her world premiere in May next year.”

To be launched at the 2020 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the 64 Sports Motor Yacht is one of our most eagerly awaited releases with multiple orders already received.

Matt said production of the flybridge was running in parallel with the plug building of the deck.

“The flybridge has now been removed and we are perfecting these plugs up to a stage where they’ll soon be ready to mould,” he said.

“The lower accommodation deck, heads and crew quarters are also being refined to gain maximum space and functionality.

“At the same time our design team is working long hours to capture all of the finer details in preparation for production early next year.”

As part of its great commitment to quality and design, Riviera built a full-scale mock-up of the 64 Sports Motor Yacht and invited more than 30 of our most experienced and knowledgeable boating couples from ‘The Riviera Family’ to complete a walk-through in May of this year with their feedback now playing a key role in the look and feel of the finished product.

“It’s all about understanding the scale of the boat,” Product Development Manager David Higgins told us last month.

“We don’t believe in just reviewing a new model on a computer screen and trusting the design works. You might be able to get 90 per cent right doing it that way but the final 10 percent that really makes a difference to the final boat comes from going the extra mile – and that’s the Riviera difference.”

The Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht will feature the choice of three or four staterooms, covered mezzanine seating and dining with built-in furniture for year-round boating, aft gourmet galley, internal staircase to the flybridge, a pantograph door leading to generous walk-around side decks, and a foredeck that cradles a 3.6m tender before transforming into a spacious entertainment zone. This new long-range motor yacht will offer the Riviera signature sports looks, sports performance with a sporting cockpit.

For more, visit www.rivieraaustralia.com/models/64-sports-motor-yacht

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