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Engineering work begins on our magnificent new Belize 66

Edition 3 - 2018

Engineering work begins on our magnificent new Belize 66

With the hull of the magnificent new Belize 66 now complete, our craftsmen are preparing to join it with the deck.

Engineering work in the hull is progressing, with the Volvo Penta IPS3 1350 pods now in place.

The 12.8-litre in-line six-cylinder D13 engines, combining fuel injection with twin-entry turbocharging, will be installed in coming days.

The Belize 66 is one of the first motor yachts in the world to include the new IPS3 1350 system, the most powerful in Volvo Penta’s IPS range.

The floors in the accommodation space are in place.

The deck mould has been released from its plug.

The mould for the deck inner liner that includes the bathrooms and staircase has also been released.

Work has begun to prepare both parts for lay-up.

The outer and inner moulds for the hardtop have been buffed and polished, then meticulously cleaned, sealed and waxed. The wax is a non-stick coating to ensure that the completed part will lift cleanly from the mould. The first photograph below shows the gelcoat layer of the outer hardtop has been completed ready for fibreglass lay-up. The following photograph shows the completed hardtop with its large sunroof space and three hardtop windows.

The complex mould for the space between the master stateroom and engine room has been completed. While the completed part is a fixed structure, it will offers Belize 66 owners a number of optional uses, from a full beam bathroom to a walk-in wardrobe, utility room with direct access to the engine room or crew quarters.

The large water-tight pantograph door that will form part of the saloon port side, providing immediate access to the wide side deck, has been built. The locking mechanism of this door is unique, shaped into the outer saloon curve.

Riviera Motor Yacht Specialist and Belize project manager Doug Nelson says the door has been designed to blend into the saloon side so that it will be barely discernible.

Inside the motor yacht, the helm dashboard plug is ready for moulding.

Moulds for the inner and outer parts of the garage door have also been completed.

The Belize 66 will have her World Premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the United States beginning on October 31 this year.


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