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Drinks on the Dock at the official opening of R Marine Pittwater

Edition 2 - 2017

Drinks on the Dock at the official opening of R Marine Pittwater

Over 120 Riviera luxury motor yacht enthusiasts joined in the fun and celebrations when R Marine Pittwater welcomed respected marine industry identity Scott Dillon as its new dealer principal.

Guests attending the Drinks on the Dock evening at the Quays Marina at Church Point enjoyed refreshments and canapés as well as live jazz entertainment whilst learning more about the latest inspiring designs from Riviera’s award-winning collection.


Scott is very well known to Riviera and Belize owners on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, having remained in close contact with them since the family-owned and operated LDM Riviera was sold in 2013.

“Riviera is admired on the world stage and has an incredibly loyal family of owners who share a love of Riviera and boating. We have many Riviera owners moored in close proximity to our dealership as they just love exploring the sheltered cruising grounds of Broken Bay, the Hawkesbury and Pittwater, and the ability to easily cruise south to Sydney Harbour or north to Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Port Stephens,” said Scott.

Riviera and Belize owners, and aspiring owners, can contact R Marine Pittwater at 1856 Pittwater Road, Church Point, NSW by telephoning +61 2 9979 6500 or emailing scott@rmarinepittwater.com.au.



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