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Colour and excitement at Riviera Festival of Boating to signature social events

Riviera Festival of Boating 2019
Edition 2 - 2019

Colour and excitement at Riviera Festival of Boating to signature social events

Riviera Festival of Boating 2019  

The Riviera and Belize Festival of Boating will once again include two fun signature social events.

Ladies Luncheon features unbridle colour – Friday, 24 May

A fusion of exotic textiles, unbridled colour and liberal embellishments will be on full display at our annual Ladies Luncheon on Friday afternoon, 24 May.

Amid the grandeur, character and charm of The Grange at the InterContinental Resort at Sanctuary Cove, the luncheon features a fashion showing by Australia’s own Bonita label and makeup show and demonstration by Brisbane-based Issada.

Bonita Kaftans are created to test the imagination, celebrating colour, comfort and glamour. The Autumn/Winter 2019 collection at the showing will feature not only Bonita’s signature kaftans but a variety of new cuts such as long-sleeve kaftans, tie-dresses, capes and skirts.

Bonita owner and designer Kristian Williams will host the showing and share his story.

He says the inspiration for Bonita Kaftans came from his background as an artist.

“A kaftan is like a canvas,” he says. “It is wearable art. The style is so versatile and perfect for our Australian climate and particularly for Queensland. You can wear a kaftan straight, off the shoulder or even as a fitted dress. There has been a huge resurgence of interest in kaftans in the past 10 years.

“The ladies will be treated to a world first! This new collection has never been shown live before.”

The luncheon will also showcase the range of Issada make up, highlighting their unique colour palette, complementing Bonita’s kaftans.

Beauty therapist Fiona Neale developed Issada as a boutique makeup range specialising in medical-grade products with a total focus on skin health.

“Issada was originally famed for ergonomic, hand-made makeup brushes,” says Fiona. “We have expanded to create a line of makeup which is both colourful and flexible as well as offering a range of important skin protection and repair properties. Issada makeup is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and both UVA and UVB protective. It can be used on damaged or even broken skin – perfect for the outdoor and boating lifestyles. It is also very glamorous!

“Many Australian dermatologists use and recommend Issada specifically because of our treatment properties.”

Fiona and two Issada makeup artists will be on hand to demonstrate and talk about the product range.

“We will have a lipstick bar set up so that the ladies can test our products and, if they wish, to buy lipsticks on the day,” she says.

Riviera Gala – Triple Platinum, Friday, 24 May and Saturday, 25 May

The theme for this year’s Riviera Family Gala is Triple Platinum, to be held over two evenings, on both Friday and Saturday, 24 and 25 May. These Gala evenings on the red carpet of the Riviera Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show showcase and on board the Riviera Motor Yacht Club, will celebrate the greatest motor yachts and music of our time.

All tickets and spaces are limited. Online registration for all Festival of Boating events is now open to Riviera and Belize owners at FestivalOfBoating.com


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