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Stunning new Belize 66 takes shape as the striking deck plug is completed and the hull begins lamination

Edition 1 - USA 2018

Stunning new Belize 66 takes shape as the striking deck plug is completed and the hull begins lamination

Foredeck, showing the raised anchoring area for ease of operation.

Lamination of the large and complex hull of the Belize 66 is being completed following meticulous preparation of the three molds that are used to develop it.

The three separate hull molds were released from their plugs and assembled together on a slide-out track system and steel base framework ready for final detailing before lamination could begin. Detailing of the molded surface was a critical stage to ensure that the finished surface of every Belize 66 hull is of the highest standard.

Specially designed rings were very precisely set in place in the hull mold to accommodate the Volvo Penta IPS3 drive units.

Top: The Starboard side hull shell mold released from the plug and ready to be turned over and assembled with the port side and transom molds.
Above: Final detailing of the molded surface of the hull shell to ensure a perfect finish.
Above: Final external laminates are applied to the mold’s hull bottom. The molded rings are very accurately set into the hull ready for the installation of the motor yacht drive units.

Gelcoat was then applied to the mold and the lamination process began. External laminates were applied with care to the gelcoat to ensure an exact resin-to-fiberglass ratio to guarantee hull strength as well as optimum weight to deliver the best possible vessel performance.

After the external shell laminates are completed, the cores are applied with the margins applied by hand, then the infills are tailored accurately into the remaining openings and vacuumed bagged into place.

Deck mold takes shape

While the hull was being laminated, final detailing of the lower deck headlining plug was completed. This section will provide the interior lining of all the forward bathrooms, the internals of the under-dash areas as well as the stairway leading to the accommodation deck.

Final detailing of the lower deck headlining.

The full deck plug has been completed and non-skid surfaces applied. This is a very complex shape, accommodating all of the hatches, lockers, drains and style lines to create the desired striking visual impact of the Belize 66.

The deck plug is completed. This complex shape accommodates all of the hatch lids, lockers, drains and style lines to create the desired design of the Belize 66.

Lamination of all three bathroom molds for the first Belize 66 is also complete.

As well as the VIP guest and third bathroom, the team will build three master bathroom molds to accommodate the flexible master suite design options available in the Belize 66.

Hardtop ready for molding

Plugs for both inner and outer surfaces of the hardtop have been completed.

A non-skid finish was applied to the finished surface of the outer plug after which final detailing was completed then sealer and wax applied ready for molding.

Non-skid areas are applied to the finished surface of the hardtop outer plug.

The hardtop inner plug has been joined ready for the first coat of tooling gel in preparation to take the mold.

The forward section of the tender garage as well as inner and outer garage door shell molds have also been completed.

We will continue to keep you informed about the progress of this magnificent new motor yacht through to her World Premiere at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show beginning on October 31.



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