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Aftermarket drives the Inception of a new era of family fun

Edition 9 - 2016

Aftermarket drives the Inception of a new era of family fun

The Riviera 51 Open Flybridge Inception is being completely refurbished by the expert team at the Riviera Aftermarket facility on Australia’s Gold Coast.

When Andrew Johnson first laid eyes on the Riviera 51 Open Flybridge Inception, he knew there was quite a lot of work to do to.

Relishing the challenge, he first needed her transported east from Perth in Western Australia all the way across Australia to the home of Riviera on Queensland’s Gold Coast, where the talented Aftermarket team of experts could weave their marine magic.

And so, with the assistance of the R Marine network of luxury motor yacht dealers – in particular the teams from R Marine Crawley at Runaway Bay and R Marine Perth in Western Australia – off came the 51’s dash, rear rails and hardtop so she could be plastic-wrapped and gently lifted on to a truck for the 4700km (2920m) journey to Coomera.

The land voyage included a 1675km (1040m) trek across the expansive arid plains of the Nullabor which, to fellow travellers, must have seemed a very strange place to sight a Riviera luxury motor yacht.

For Andrew, the aptly named Inception marks the beginning of a brand-new phase of boating enjoyment with his growing young family.

Antoinette, Andrew and Harvey with their former Riviera, a 4000 Offshore model at Runaway Bay – a yacht that inspired the purchase and refurbishment of their 51 Open Flybridge, Inception.

“I’ve been boating all my life and some of my best childhood memories are of being out on the water with my parents (Ray and Pat),” he said.

“That was a big driver for me moving up the Riviera range – boating is such a beautiful way to spend time and my wife Antoinette and I really want to share these incredible experiences with our own family.

“We previously owned a Riviera 4000 Offshore but with our 16-month old Harvey getting bigger, and another baby due in February, we wanted a bit more space to enjoy extended passage-making in comfort, and to also be able to bring family and friends along for the adventure.

“Riviera Aftermarket is giving Inception a complete rejuvenation – she’ll be nearly brand-new when they have finished … she’ll come up looking great.”

The work-sheet for the rejuvenation of the Riviera 51 is extensive, to say the least, and upon arrival at Aftermarket, first came a full systems check to identify what needed to be done.

“I’m receiving regular updates from the Aftermarket team – they provide their honest opinions and that’s very reassuring,” said Andrew.

The project includes sand-blasting and repainting the hull, anti-fouling, PropSpeed coatings to the propellers, replacing the bootline and trimming, re-attaching the hardtop and electrics, replacing sounders, radar, screens and the stereo, replacing the flybridge clears with strata glass and flow-coating the hardtop.

Work begins at the Aftermarket facility on breathing new life into the Riviera 51 Open Flybridge, Inception.

Also on the to-do list are new cockpit awning and quarter panels, rejuvenating the cockpit teak decking, replacing the anchor winch gearbox and chain, new fender covers, gas struts for some of the hatches, new hoses and repairing the tender … and the list goes on.

“We will also have spotlights on her that will light up the moon,” said Andrew.

Inception’s extended hydraulic boarding platform is a first for the avid game angler so he’s opted for new teak decking to enhance its aesthetics.

“Dad handed me a fishing rod when I was about two years old and I’ve been hooked ever since,” said Andrew.

Andrew introduced Harvey to the fun and fulfilment of fishing.

“We’ve spent a lot of time fishing for marlin and other pelagics off the east coast and I expect we will be doing a lot more of that sort of thing this summer.

“The extended boarding platform will be interesting for the type of fishing we usually do but the girls will just love the extra space to lounge around outside – it will certainly get a lot of use.”

Andrew says the three-stateroom/two-bathroom Riviera 51 is the right size and depth to ‘do anything you want’ up or down Australia’s sometimes challenging eastern coastline.

“She’s a beautiful boat and I really like the reliability and handling of the C15 850hp CAT engines. In many ways, the 51 has been over-engineered and that gives me great confidence in her reliability and handling.”

Andrew says he and Antoinette are already planning to join the R Marine Crawley cruising-in-company experience up to Hamilton Island and Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays next year.

“I’ve been up there a number of times but this will be the first time in my own boat,” he said.

“Boating has made such big inroads into my life and I am really looking forward to instilling a love of the water into our young family.”

Riviera Aftermarket has the service facilities, skills and knowledge to assist you in every aspect of boat maintenance. Facilities include a 75-tonne travel lift, six-bay undercover facility; two-bay enclosed antifoul and spray facility; five-bay hardstand and 14 marina work berths.

If you would like to speak with the Aftermarket team about your requirements, please email aftermarket@riviera.com.au or phone +61 (7) 5501 0055.


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