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A real thoroughbred gets the hearts racing at Eagle Farm racecourse

Edition 4 - 2019

A real thoroughbred gets the hearts racing at Eagle Farm racecourse


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: Eagle Farm Racecourse has seen its fair share of thoroughbreds over the years, but nothing with this kind of horse power!

So it was hardly surprising that the Riviera 4800SY Boss Lady really stood out when she was taken to the races by R Marine Crawley from Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast, in conjunction with proud owners Christine and Matt Long.

“She’s definitely a sprinter,” Matt says of their treasured craft, revelling in the racing parlance. “She comes out of the gates incredibly fast and her performance is just fantastic.”

Please enjoy our short film showing the transportation of the 4800 Sport Yacht to the racecourse and all the on-course festivities

In fact, with a heart the size of Phar Lap’s and the pedigree of Winx, the yacht attracted a large and appreciative crowd to what was dubbed the ‘Marina Precinct’.

The spectacle was the brainchild of principal dealer Ben Crawley in collaboration with Brisbane Racing Club, having become a major partner for the race day.

“It was a way to do something a little bit different for our owners – we’re normally hosting events out on the water, so this was a way of combining boating and racing,” Ben says.

“We had 40 Riviera owners along for the day and everyone had a blast. It was our way of thanking them for supporting us.”

The logistical task of getting Boss Lady to Eagle Farm was easier said than done, for trailability isn’t high on the list of the 4800’s many attributes. However, Mark Gilbert from Global Transport accomplished the task without a hitch, even managing to manoeuvre around a few tight garden beds at the racecourse.

Boss Lady was lifted from the water at R Marine Crawley’s service centre at Runaway Bay, and the overhead equipment was removed to keep it within height regulations. Multiple approvals also had to be secured for transport.

It was definitely a change of scenery for the yacht, which usually cruises around Morton Bay and, for its maiden trip, visited Lady Musgrave Island.

Matt admits he was a little taken aback when first asked if he’d like to take Boss Lady to the races. “I know there’s a lake at the racecourse, but this is ridiculous,” he jokes, before adding, “It was a fantastic day, that’s for sure … we love hanging out with the Crawley gang.”

Matt rarely got the time to bet, he was so busy chatting to racegoers about the Sport Yacht.

“That said, I had a win on the day,” he adds. “I don’t think I put my hand in my pocket once, so that’s a win!

“A few people didn’t know I was the owner and it was interesting to hear them saying ‘wow, this is a beautiful boat. It was probably the closest many people had been to a boat like this, because normally the marina gates are closed.”

The yacht spent two weeks on the transporter before being returned to its marina berth the day after the races, with a fresh coat of antifoul included to thank the owners. It had serendipitously timed with the yacht’s annual maintenance schedule.

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