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A magnificent new Belize is born

Edition 2 - 2018

A magnificent new Belize is born

Cranes lift the hull before lowering it onto the steel cradle.

The hull of the magnificent new Belize 66 has been born. She revealed herself as the multi-part mould was lifted away and the completed hull was brought out into the light on a steel cradle.

The three parts of the mould – starboard side, port side and transom – were bolted together through flanges during lamination. When the completed hull was ready for release, the bolts were taken out and the moulds carefully drawn away from the hull. Then a giant crane lifted the hull up and onto a specially constructed steel cradle, ready for the engineering stage of the build.

The size of this beautiful new motor yacht can now fully be appreciated as Riviera Motor Yacht Specialist and Belize project manager Doug Nelson stands beside her.

Riviera Motor Yacht Specialist and Belize project manager Doug Nelson

New generation Volvo Penta propulsion

The massive twin Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines and pod drives have been delivered to the yard and will be installed as the first part of engineering. These are the largest Volvo Penta IPS systems available. The size of the pods alone can be seen as Doug Nelson inspects one in its packaging.

Doug Nelson inspects a Volvo Penta IPS 3 pod drive.
The massive Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines ready to be installed.

Work on all the other major components of this magnificent motor yacht is also progressing well. The Sedan hardtop internal mould is currently being laminated. We revealed the completed outer mould in the previous edition of Experience.

Full beam master bathroom takes shape

The mould for the aft full beam bathroom is also nearing completion. The photograph shows the starboard side at the bottom with the large shower recess at the top of the picture. The entry from the master stateroom can just be seen in the middle right side of the photo. Immediately inside the entry door is a vanity, with a second vanity on the starboard aft corner.

Full beam master bathroom mould.

This mould is extremely versatile as it will be used also to build the crew quarters on a future build.

No excess weight

The team is employing new infusion technology to build the motor yacht’s massive fuel tanks. This technology delivers lighter weight while maintaining full strength to CE standard.

Doug Nelson explained that the team is working to ensure there is absolutely no excess weight throughout the motor yacht while ensuring she is built to the highest standards to ensure high levels of performance as well as rigidity and integrity throughout.

The Belize 66 will have her World Premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the United States beginning on October 31 this year.



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