This month’s winner – Riviera and Belize Photo and Video Competition


This month’s Riviera Family photo competition winner:

Congratulations to Kingsley Fink

Boat Model: Riviera 5400 Sport Yacht
Photo Headline: Hey Grandad!
Where was the photo taken: Kawau Island, New Zealand
Photo Description: Zara: “Hey Grandad, you better steer using the Volvo IPS Joystick. This seat is far too comfortable!  

To go in the draw to win this Riviera prize pack valued at $300, send us your favourite Riviera or Belize boating photo or video:

Thanks also for these recent entries…

Entry from: Nick Phillips
Boat Name: Seaclusion
Boat Model: Riviera 3000 Offshore
Photo Headline: Sydney sunrise
Where was the photo taken: Sydney Harbour
Photo Description: Seaclusion at her Best

Entry from: Ineke Duncan
Boat Name: Pinot
Boat Model: Riviera M400 Sports Cruiser
Photo Headline: Family shenenigans!
Where was the photo taken: Wavebreak Island, Gold Coast, Queensland
Photo Description: Both our adult kids have been through difficult marriage splits in recent time. Today we had a wonderful family day on Pinot with their new partners! Quite a feat as they live in different cities around Australia! Our Riv is our heaven, pure family bliss!

Entry from: Jonathan Prescott
Boat Name: Joyride
Boat Model: Riviera 40 Open Flybridge
Photo Headline: Sunset
Where was the photo taken: Bermuda
Photo Description: Heading home after a wonderful day

Entry from: Greg Fenwick
Boat Name: Stravaigin
Boat Model: Riviera 4800 Sport Yacht
Photo Headline: Hole in the Rock
Where was the photo taken: Cape Brett, Northland, New Zealand
Photo Description: Stravaigin passing through the Hole in the Rock

Entry from: Barry Bourne
Boat Name: Graceful Hunter
Boat Model: Riviera 38
Photo Headline A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Where was the photo taken: Longreach Bay
Photo Description: Our family and Riviera painted by local Perth artist Genevieve Montgomerie

Entry from: Russell Bianco
Boat Name: Majesnik
Boat Model: Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge
Photo Headline: Middleton Reef
Where was the photo taken: Middleton Reef
Photo Description: Enjoying the serenity

Entry from: Peter Van Harten
Boat Name: Marlin Blue
Boat Model: Riviera 58 Flybridge
Photo Headline: Sales trip
Where was the photo taken: Saint Tropez
Photo Description: Test trip for the new owner after five years of fun and happiness.

Entry from: Jeff Dart
Boat Name: Dreamtime
Boat Model: Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge
Photo Headline: Sunset
Where was the photo taken: Jumpinpin, Gold Coast Broadwater
Photo Description: Sunset on a prefect weekend

Entry from: Susan Williams
Boat Name: Outer Limits
Boat Model: Riviera 48 Flybridge
Photo Headline: Coromandel Snapper
Where was the photo taken: Coromandel, New Zealand
Photo Description: Snapper caught near Coromandel Mussel Farm by Kevin Williams, skipper and fisher

Name: Edel Phillips
Boat Name: Hustler
Boat Model: Riviera 39 Flybridge
Photo Headline: Spoilt!
Where was the photo taken: Port Hacking, New South Wales
Photo Description: My son Tyson drying off after a swim. So spoilt!


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