Gala Marina Party celebrates the premier of the Platinum Edition

Gala Marina Party celebrates the premiere of the Platinum Edition Sport Yachts at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show


Gala Marina Party celebrates the premier of the Platinum Edition


More than 700 owners danced and partied the night away at the gala Riviera marina party, always the headline social event of the Riviera Festival of Boating.

You can view our highlights film of the 2019 Festival of Boating below

Called the Triple Platinum in honour of the three new Platinum Edition Sports Yachts, the gala was held on both Friday and Saturday nights to cater for the many owners who travelled from around Australia and the world to share the festivities.

The spectacular venue was the superyacht used as the Riviera Motor Yacht Club and the magnificent 12-yacht showcase, with all the yachts specially lit up for the occasion.

In keeping with the platinum theme, the night featured professional dancers dressed in exotic silver costumes, who used the cockpits of some of their yachts as their stages.

Four amazing singers and some of the most popular music of all encouraged many owners to take the dance floor and a mesmerising laser light show added to the ambience and spectacle in the sky above the display.

Other highlights included an introduction to the night by Riviera company owner Rodney Longhurst, CEO Wes Moxey  and apprentice Emma King.

Karen Maxwell and her husband Brett were just two of the many owners who attended. In their case they cruised all the way up from Lake Macquarie in NSW in their Riviera 37 Open Flybridge, an 400-nautical-mile trip.

She and three of her girlfriends entered into the Riviera spirit wholeheartedly, wearing platinum-coloured earrings sporting the Riviera ‘R’.  Karen made them on a friend’s 3-D printer out of plastic and painted them with chrome nail polish and glitter in keeping with the platinum theme.

“Everyone was commenting on them – one couple from New Zealand even tried to buy them!” Karen said.

She said it was a night of fine wine, food and entertainment, but, most importantly, a fantastic celebration of the Riviera family.

“It was definitely a highlight of the Riviera Festival of Boating for us,” she said.

“The food and entertainment were fantastic, and it was wonderful talking boating and celebrating with all the other owners.”

Riviera owner Brian Gardoll agreed: “Just an all-round very special night. The company was great, the ambience was amazing and the yachts look spectacular all lit up.”

Company owner Rodney Longhurst was also delighted with the evening.

“The Riviera experience is all about enjoying the best things in life, whether that is cruising the greatest waterways of the world on one of our luxury motor yachts or socialising with old and new friends under the stars of the Gold Coast,” he said.

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